Myanmar is opening up.

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  1. Saw the news and pics on Sukie's FB this morning!
    Exciting news!
    Looking forward to hearing more details on how the trip was accomplished. :happy1:
  2. Great that it is now possible to experience on 2 wheels what Thailand must have been like 40-50 years ago. Beautiful country and people, so happy they now have the opportunity for a better life. Just hope they can retain their innocent charm for a little while before consumerism "consumes" them.
  3. Hi Feejer, just came back from Myanmar yesterday evening. You can feel 'good & positive vibrations' everywhere. Still for bikers the biggest town is a NO, still no motorbikes of any sizes in Yangon, all other areas are ok to ride. Problem are the roads which are still in a very bad shape; took me 7.5 hours for 300 kms in a Mitsu Landcruiser per one way. You'll get free massage the whole way...........but give or take 10 years from now the infrastructure will have caught up.
    No problem to use AIS mobiles but sometimes it doesn't work for a day.......cheers, Franz
  4. Is there another post on this? What is the procedure to enter the country?
  5. Thanks for the "on the ground" update Franz! Sounds much like my experience last April in No. Vietnam regarding the roads. Very slow going but considered part of the fun of discovery right? I stop and take so many pictures, it takes forever to get anywhere anyway! My bigger concern is lodging or lack thereof. Since Myanmar is the hottest tourist destination in Asia right now, demand is far outstripping supply. At least that is what I am hearing through some media outlets. But maybe this is only affecting those who require 3 star or higher quality, which I do not. What is the likely outcome of just turning the key and start rolling with no concrete plan or reservations? Would I be pitching camp in the bush or are there many decent questhouses along the way as in the more developed areas of SEA?
  6. Feejer, my limited experience in low price acco for Myanmar would be like that I guess:
    Yangon is full to bursting, for a sh**hole guesthouse you will pay premium for just getting the last room available. Wouldn't go to Yangon without a reservation. All other places you can do a walk in. Prices for resorts there are between 35-60 USD/night. Never had any trouble with walk-ins, no double or triple charge for walk-in's either. Myanmar isn't such a forgotten place anyway, there's Hotels, Resorts and Guesthouses in every small town. Rgds, FR
  7. I have plan to ride across Cambodia and Thailand to Myanmar October this year. Now looking for routes and get things prepared.
    Anyone around that ride wanna join?
  8. For Myanmar
    You're going to need permits & a planned route in advance.
    My info is that it takes 2-3 months to set up.
    I don't think that you just cant rock up to the border & ride anywhere, yet.
  9. Thanks David.
    Looks like it is impossible mission for this October. I even have not applied for visa yet, as well as others.

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