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  1. During our recent 'Brief But Memorable' tour around Chiang Mai we found ourselves leaving Lampang and following what looked like a Farang in combats, boots and a full face on a Bros.

    After a few miles we reached a junction and the dear ol' boys in brown stepped out with hands raised. Here we go thought I - we'll be a few hundred Baht down for having offensive haircuts or the like.

    Driving licenses were produced and at this point we looked at our mystery friend and realised he was in fact a local. He produced a military ID (I think) and with this, our licenses were swiftly returned and we were quickly waved on!!

    Cut a long story short, we stopped further up the road and introduced ourselves. Turned out our friend was one Captain Dang of the 'Black Warriors' on the Burmese border.

    No idea of the relevance of this but I would like to thank the ice cool (but very friendly) Captain and can heartily recommend travelling in the company of such a person (particularly at Police check points...).
  2. Have a similar guy up here in Fang, my mechanic is ex military, he used to be the head engineer for the Fang oil station which is totally military, he was also until recently the chairman of FMC chopper club, our local boys with toys club. He is fantastic with bikes, everyone around here knows him well, he has a good following, if ever any board members have a problem up around Fang area, he would be the man to see. If it suits (and with his permission), I can post his mobile number here, one problem though, he does not speak english at all, I have to talk through my wife which sometimes causes confusion.
  3. Sol,

    In my experience it's definitely who you know rather than what you know - which is just as well really as I don't know much at all! [8D]



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