Nakhon Rachasima

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    I chose this place after hearing of the reputation of the turkish bath situated in the carpark .. alas is always the case, my lovelly wife has more to offer at home, and the only thing i ordered to my room was a tasty plate of crab fried rice.

    Aside from it's seedier reputation, the hotel has the reputation for the best value for money in the area, which is probably true. 600B a night for the clean room with clean crisp linen / flatscreen TV / modern bathroom. The carpark situated out of sight of the main road and had security when the 'baths were open, but in the morning the carpark was bare and security guard nowhere to be seen.

    N14.97681 E102.10152

    My room was on one of the top floors, and from the looks of things, the room had been recently renovated, but the lift lobby, awaiting attention. The lower floors had already been given attention and looked smart.

    Not a bad choice if you passing through.

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