nakhon sawan where to stay what to do

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  1. nuwatmat

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    I have not been i nakhon sawan for about 15 years,anyone have a sugestion where to stay 3-5 star,what to do,bars and sanook,is there a kawasaki dealer up there ?,any good restaurants ?.biker bars ?
    Anyone in this forum living there ?
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  3. Ian Bungy

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    Stay at the Pimarn Hotel near the Main Road through town, It is right Beside the Main Bus Station. Very Big Thai Style Hotel. There are a few Bars around. There is a OK Country Pub with Live Music and Lots of Staff if You Walk out to the Main Road Cross it and walk left You should be able to see it? Not sure on Much else to do there? It is a Big Town so I am sure there is Loads if You knew where to Look???
  4. mbox999

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    Hi there,

    Here is a list of resorts/hotels : is still more which will be added in future

    hope that helps,

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