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    Date ; best between June to October Riders require ; Solo or group

    Information ; available on request Equipment & skills require ; GPS navigation

    Administration and Technical support ; will take place prior to start

    Price based on 6K baht per day ; minimum 16 days- maximum 30 days ;- 96K – 192K Baht

    Reward & Awards ; Achievement terrorfish medals for each Nam Dtok completed

    Criteria ; Kanchanaburi Province has 16 Nam Dtok (task), collect terrorfish medals for each task completed
    Duration is based on 2 tasks per day, This is not a race, no winner, no losers, collecting each of these medal is achievement alone. Preparation is 50% of this event, completion is the Target you set yourself

    Entry ; contact [email protected]

    Wet season waterfalls at full flow

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