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  1. Hi All,

    Had a message from FrankT today..

    He said the Nam Neung border crossing is not allowing bikes to cross. (Bordering Nan province)

    " Cannot enter with out a clear reason "

    He was scheduled to cross yesterday and changed to Chiang Khong / Houe Xai.
    All smiles and friendly both sides of the border at Houe Xai.


    PS apologies if the name is not spelt correctly.. Have seen about 3 different versions :)
  2. Hi Brian & Frank,

    can Thai reg'ed motorbikes cross from Ch.Kong to Ban Huai Sai over the new bridge?

    Thanks for the update on border crossings TH-LAO @ HuayKon, Nan to Muang Ngeun, Laos. I'm planning to cross from Chiang Khong to Huai Sai next month with my Versys.

    I noticed from Bkk-Post that there is a new bridge now, officially opened on 20.12.2012. Does that mean, that this bridge is also "operational" for us 'ordinary' people, i.e. with immigration and a law accordingly, so that motorcycles can cross into Laos (contrary to the 1st friendship bridge in NongKhai, where they reportedly still refuse motorcycles to cross into Laos)?

    Whoever has info and experience with border crossings from Thailand into Laos, please give a short report.

    Thanks a lot,
  3. A few months back we had no problems whatsoever riding our bikes across the friendship bridge from Nong Khai, Thailand to Vientiane, Laos.


  4. Hi tourer,

    The bridge had a soft opening only.

    You still use the ferry to date. The bridge to be opened later in the year for general use.

    The customs officer on the Thai side told Rex and me in December that we should be able to cross on the bridge when opened.

  5. The bridge had a joining ceremony in December when the two sides Thai and Laos met. There is still all to do on both sides on the facilities so expect sometime this year before it is opened to cross. Until a few weeks ago you could ride up to the bridge for a look but now there is a wire fence before the bridge stopping that. There is also a Chinese shopping centre under construction on the Thai side for the Made in China shoppers.

  6. Below posted in another thread from Nikster.. That is relevant to this crossing

    we got turned back on the laos side last week , JAN 26th?, in the north of Nan.

    Initially Thais told us the Laos wouldn't let us in. We did not believe that (ignorance....) and went to the Laos side (Thai immigration told us to just go ask and come back ... no documents needed. Sure enough the guy at the Laos border said yeah, sure no problem, can do can do. So we went through the entire check-out procedure with the Thais scratching their heads but doing it anyway. Then we get to Laos again, this time a higher up tells us no way, only registered tour groups. An english speaking guy was summoned, he was very friendly and had all the time in the world for us. He even let us use his phone to call the rental company in the feeble hopes they could somehow reclassify us as official tour group. No go. So we had to go back to the Thai border and cancel our exit stamp and cancel our exit customs papers, too. I didn't even know that was possible.

    The Thais were super friendly and feeling sorry for us. They cancelled out exit stamps and customs exit paper (so that's what happens when you check out of Thailand but aren't allowed in on the other side...)

    Then we went to Chiang Kong, customs and immigration were all streamlined on both Thai and Laos sides and very fast, and specifically the Laos customs guy told us that with these papers we can exit at any border in Laos. I don't know if that's true but when we exited trough the northern Nan border it was all done in 5 minutes and no eyebrows raised.

    original post:-
  7. Just got back from the Huay Khon - Muan Nguen border crossing to check and asked if crossing by bike is possible, the answer is yes! We were not able to try it with a bike of our own, but in the last few weeks several bikes have crossed succesfully. However......the customer officer at the Thai side mentioned that the Laos side tend to make some (irragular) acceptions. Large groups are usually denied (so opposite of this experience) and they often deny entry during high season. This "policy" from the Laos side is not fixed (they can't give us any dates) and they tend to change it without prior notice. So still a bit of gamble (keep a backup plan in mind), but at the moment the odds are good.... (Please note that also the Visa fee's for entry have gone up with 5 USD, entry for most EU countries and US is now 35USD or 1400THB). If your going, good luck and hope to hear how it went so we can inform any of our guests!
  8. Nan Guesthouse
    Thanks for the tip off, & yep it looks like visa fees have gone up alright. Houei Xai advise that

    Australia US$30

    UK US$35

    USA US$35.

    Re entering Laos at Muang Ngeun when I exited in March, the Lao immigration / customs said to me "Change again" now ok. But I have not had time to personally check it out & try to enter yet.
    When I stopped in Sayabouly I had a lengthy chat to the guys in the Sayabouly tourist office. After the boss "intervened" I was left in no doubt that the reason for the "ban" was commercial & they wanted you to use a tour company, that he recommended. This is fair enough for tour groups, but for individuals & small groups of friends it does not seem reasonable. Then when I left via Muang Ngeun Lao immigration / customs said ok for you to come in again.
  9. Hello David,

    What about the extra $ for after 5 PM and Sun and holyday?

    Any news about the opening of the bridge Chiengkhong-Houeixai?


    Lung Jacques.

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