Nam Pat Accommodations, Uttaradit.

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  1. Takayai Resort 2.
    Nap Pat Accommodation, Uttaradit. (Google map link)
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    Very nice accommodation for this area.
    Outside of town, but within walking distance of restaurants and convenience store.
    Breakfast included, but nothing to shout home about (plain bread/toast and coffee and Thai porridge).

    Rainy Season (off-peak) was 500 baht. Great value.
    You can park your bikes to the side of your bungalow.

    Tip: The sign is only in Thai, so watch out for that.
    They also have a Takayai Resort 1 just down from watch out for that too, if giving directions.
    (Why they have it like this..i have no idea!)
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    That's been my ''Go-to'' place for first night stopover on many trips. Superb rooms with very good quality mattresses bed linen and towels. The 500B is year round not just rainy season. Great value for money. There's quite a bit of competition in Nam Pat now at same price but this is still my favourite. The restaurant at the crossroads in town, with the jeep outside is very good too and has some falang food. Unfortunately not walking distance but the owner has come out to pick us up before now.
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  3. Thats great info on the price.! I didnt think that would be there all year round price. That is good to know.
    I dont remember the name of the restaurant I went to, but it was Thai food (and no Western food that i could see). But was very delicious. Huge portions and great value.
    Was a short distance from the bungalows.
    The owner said that an order could be made by phone and the food delivered, but the menu was all in Thai in fancy Thai script that i have trouble reading (and I am a poor reader as it is). So not a good option for most of us anyway...but i am sure the owner would help if you preferred to stay in.
    I preferred to stretch my legs after being on the bike, so the walk was good.
    Only problem was some young Thai guys on pimped up scooters racing each other like crazy, fast, with no gear.
    So had to be careful on that main stretch of road. Especially when dark.

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