Namsoi - Muang Kham.

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    GPS Track Name:- Namsoi-Muang Kham. Entire length of hwy6.

    GPS Track Recorded by:- Moto-Rex

    Start :- Namsoi international border check point. (Vietnam border)

    End:- Muang Kham at hwy7.

    Way Points.

    Namsoi check point.... Vietnamese border.
    Xamtai turn off.... From here its 68kms to Xamtai.
    Vieng Xai.... Caves etc
    Xam Neau. Booming Northern Town.
    Saleuy water fall.... Nice spot, with little restaurant’s that maybe opened only on weekends.
    Phoulao.... Hwy 1c turn off.
    Soplao.... Pretty little riverside town with nice restaurant’s. Good spot for a break.
    Muang Kram.... Where hwy6 meets hwy7.

    Conditions :- Namsoi to Phoulao is narrow, tight and twisty, and tar surface is in good condition.
    South of Phoulao the road is more open and is one of the best tar road rides in Laos. Good fun.

    Other comments you would like to add:- Stunning mountain road ride.

    Namsoi-Muang Kham Profile.

    The way.

    Saleuy water falls.

    Caves at Vieng Xai.

    Xan Neua.


    Attached files Namsoi-Muang Kham all of hwy6.gpx (871.5 KB)
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