Nan and doi phu kha loop

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  1. Hello
    I will travel in north Thailand On January 2006 and i'm snooping on your site and forum for a while .(enjoying every minute )

    My basic plan (A) is Nan and doi phu kha loop
    In all your trips to this region you mention the “1148”
    What about route number “1097” ?
    From a peek on the map this road looks amazing is it ?

    Did anyone tried it ?
    Many thanks
  2. 1097 is a small road that goes up and over the hill. If you are heading east on 1148, it will be a hairpin turn to the left.

    The road is pretty narrow, with a lot of blind corners. Don't expect to do it at speed, unless you are suicidal. Surface was not bad 2 years ago.

    When you get to a town, turn right, and right again at 1080 to get to Pua.


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  3. Hi Eran,

    Both are excellent. When going between Chiang Khong and Nan, which we do very frequently, we alternate between doing all of 1148 and somtimes switching over to do 1097. For example when going North from Nan to home, we turn onto 1148 at Tha Wang Pha - or sometimes we turn right and head East over to Pua, then up 1080 and turning West onto 1097 which then runs into 1148.

    If you only get to make this run one time - would recommend doing 1097 and then connecting onto 1148.

    David and Mai in Chiang Khong
  4. Hi
    I rode the Nan and doi phu kha loop in June last year. There are some great roads in the North and this would be one of the better.
    We based at the Nan valley resort about 10km out of town for 2 nights and had a great time in a pleasant surrounding, got a weeks washing done by staff while out riding and the food was tops, Not so much english spoke or westerners in these parts but the manager in the resort who let us use his office computer for email spoke it well and was very welcoming. There is camping in doi phu kha national park with small huts and cabins available and some great views. Last year a large section of road was being upgraded, this was the most interesting part for myself as i work in a simular field and was on an offroad type bike. the road is in great condition for a faster road bike other than that.
    Hope you have a great trip
  5. Thank you all for your answers.
    Nan- 1148+1097 it will be.

    I am counting the days

  6. Shalom Eran,
    I also plan to travel by motobike in Thailand & beyond & getting info in Israel on this kind of trip is difficult. I would be happy to consult w/ you on-line or by phone.
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

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