Nan - Isaan Tour concluded

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  1. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Well I hope most of you were able to view Marco's posting on this and his incredible amount of photos.

    When I viewed it I went and had a coffee down the road while it was downloading!!
    Anyway, really appreciate the time and effort Marco put in to get it done.

    I'll just add a few photos and location details as I read a map and try to remember while Marco is totally technology dependant!

    Our first stop from Petchabun was the glorious Phu Hin Ronkla.


    This Marco finally arriving at the top after his p*ss poor parking attempt half way up.


    We then made our way across country from Nakhon Thai over to the 1268 and onto the 1083. Here's a few scenery shots.


    This at the top of the mountain from where you can see way below the river, so it must have been one hell of a flood to get these boats up here.


    View from the top.


    Got into Nan and the next day went up to Doi Pukha. Some shots from the various view points.




    Came down and back on the 1081 one of my favourite roads and here are a few shots along the way.




    Leaving Nan due South down the 1026 to Pak Nai where we got the ferry across the lake.



    Looking back at the road coming down to the fishing village.


    We the went on the 1339 to Nam Pat which had about 10km of untarmaced road and from there jumped over to the 1268 again on 1239.
    Sorry no photos but this is one hell of a road twisting and turning over the mountains.
    Back on the 1268; here are the 2 roadside waterfalls.



    Got into Loei and the next day rode along the Mekhong from Chiang Khan to Sri Chiang Mai. The Mekhong at first did not look at all the mighty river she is.



    Someone said that she runs underground along some of its length and it may be so as further down stream she suddenly started looking like a major waterway again.


    Our last 2 stops were Udon Thani and Roi Et where some good times and late nights were had. Marco has posted photos of these places and I'll just leave you with me and my new friend Gori commiserating and sympathising with each other over that "next morning" feeling.

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  3. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Poor, poor Peter, you've been missing a friend who ususally replaces the monkey (me? :roll: ) ????? :oops: And Marco went for a coffee so you could have your beer without him complaining,........ :idea: ......5555.
    Peter & Marco real good fotos and I know you enjoyed that one very much !!! Peter, just tell us about the 'parking attempt' of Marco, please !! (Peter, there always must be some dumb comments from Franz.......... :lol: ) Cheers, Franz
  4. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    What could possibly replace you? I just tried to find someone with a similar likeness and disposition. :lol:

    You must have seen Marco's post where he's got the Panzer Wagon parked at a 45 degree angle downhill; did I mention it was off road? :shock:

    It was a good time and they are lovely roads over there. Never tire of them.
    Waiting to see what you find down South. Have a good one.
  5. Ally

    Ally Ol'Timer

    Dougal, nice post & brilliant images there.

    I notice you have an extra 'img' appearing before each photo.

    Not sure if you are aware of why but I think it might be as you are possibly picking up the code from photobucket 4th row of code, with the img tags already included with the string of code there and then when you go to your post composition, I think you are possibly clicking the img button again.

    Your link should actually look like this when you compose it:
    blah di blah di blah
    blah di blah di blah
    No other imgs required before or after.

    You only need to click the img button in the composing post screen if you don't already have the 'img' code in your pasted string.

    Hope you don't mind me commenting, hope this helps.

    By the way, having never met you, are you on the right or the left of that picture?


  6. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Ally, right or left, hmmmmm that's difficult, but there are some differences to be more exact 10 of them, anyone who finds them is invited for a beer !!!!!!! :lol:
    Peter, where's the pictureof the german tank parked at 45' downhill??
    Marco-Peter-Craig, it was a pleasure to dine with you yesterday evening !!! Cheers, Franz
  7. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Great report Peter! Wish I could have joined you guys, but I'll catch up with you in Udon Thani this weekend and look forward to seeing you!
    Happy Trails,
  8. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Ok Guys,, I just took my Glows off,, so they are OFF now,,

    about poor piss parking,, well, here is the image again and any time any of you wanna attempt same experience,, be my guest, you can borrow my Pazar Wagen,,,NOOOOOT...(I seriously do not recomend that to any one)


    NOTE: my left had is keeping brakes on whole time, as if i would let it loose,, it would go all the way to banana trees..
  9. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Marco, that's want Panzerwagen do, always straight ahead...........55555.......grasping the brakes and having someone take a picture of you.......all on a 45' degree downhill you are a crazy Finn......most of us would have s... our pants.....and this with more than 300 kgs under you.......55555555. How many Thai's did it take to push little German Tank (or Refridgerator as Rustic would call the bike) back onto the road ?? 10, 12, 14,.... :wink: Amazing !!!! (Here I won't post: keep 'em coming :lol: ) Cheers, Franz
  10. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    it's 400KG and it was heavy shit to keep it upright.
    it took abt 10minutes before anyone arrive to sceen,so i was there in 30dec heat with full gear on until that and it was lady who came and first thing what i asked here is to take a picture,, she must thinking that i must be already have boled brains and lost all thinking cababilities.....

    1st try was with 2WD standard pick up with nailon ropes,, even with 4 layers,it broke.
    then waiting an other 4pick ups and finally there was 10 thais pusking from the front and 1 pick up with 6layers of nailon ropes it took abt 3minutes to get me back on the road.

    total time separated from the boys 45minutes...
    and best part was NO any kind of marks what so ever
    this picture is from top of the road looking down where was front tyre lying
  11. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Oh my Marco! That is an amazing picture of you on the slope! You don't look at all concerned. 8) Thank goodness the tires held and you didn't slide all the way down that hill!
    Great to see you in Udon and hope to see you again in a couple of weeks at the Khon Kaen Rally!
    Keep her shiny side up!
    Happy Trails,
  12. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Thanks for the comments guys. And thanks Ally for the photo info.

    Left or right? From my perspective, as I remember it I was on the right.

    Thanks for the explanation and photos Marco. I thought everyone had seen them on your post already.
  13. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    how i use photobucket is copy and paste 4th line what say's "IMG Code"
    and just paste that to this page WITH out using IMG tag from this page provided on the top. then it will automatically using correct format need to post picture here.

    I assume you first click IMG icon provided on this page top right and then copy and paste 4th line from photobucket what says IMG CODE, that will result that IMG words just front of your pictures.

    Not sure if you do like this

    but using ONLY 4th line from photo bucket it's should look normal like this

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