Nan-Phu chee-fah-Chiang Khong road conditions.

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  1. jsbkk

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    Hi there,

    I am planning a trip from Bkk-Up-north and back during this new year holidays with my family. The route I am looking at is :-

    bkk-phetchabun-nan-phuchifah-chiang khong-chiang saen-chiangrai-phetchbun-bkk.

    My question is - Is 1155 doable by a small car? Should I just use 1020 ?
    Also any suggestions for Nan-Phucheefah route?

    would appreciate some advise.

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  3. Lakota

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    The 1155 is in better condition than the 1020 at the moment. It's obviously more twisty and you'll have to take more care but it's far far more scenic.
    The road between Chiang khong and Chiang Saen over the mountains is a mess at the moment, about 30K of dirt where they are grading it. better to take the road around by the mekhong River.
    I'll leave the Nan section for someone else although I'll probably be passing Nan tomorrow.
  4. jsbkk

    jsbkk Ol'Timer

    Thanks for your advise. I wish google maps could also tell about road conditions. Thanks to Tony for mentioning somewhere about the road conditions near Phetchabun. That was the initial route I had planned, but now will avoid.
  5. DavidFL

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  6. jsbkk

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    Had a real good time going thru all the links. The Phaya Phipak road seems most challenging. We plan an overnite stay at Doi Phatang and will try to cover as much as we can.
    A BIG thanks to all you guys.

    I remember seeing some pictures of a road high on top of a mountain and cliff on both sides ... is this the same road ?
  7. yychow0812

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    That would be the 1093 to Phu Chi Fa. I did that road on a bike last year and it's just one spectacular view after another. You are basically on the ridge line.
  8. jsbkk

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    Noted. Just put 1093 in my route from Nan to Doi Phatang. Thanks YY.
    Sorry but one last question .. could anyone recommend a good ATV tour operator in Chiangrai area ? I found many but a recommendation would be great. :p
  9. Lakota

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    The 1148 From Nan is in beautiful condition at the moment, I was on the road about a week ago. The road conditions change so fast, there's a lot of resurfacing work going on . the 1155 has very few potholes at the moment but The resurfacing Guys are in the area. I was in petchabun yesterday but in the Pickup. A nice route would be petchabun to the Sirikit dam and north to Nan.

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