Nan to Loei Advice Needed

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  1. Hi All ... I am in need for some route suggestions from Nan to Loei? Was considering Sirikit Dam but not sure if there is any crossings available? Any suggestions would be welcome.

    I am currently in Chiang Rai and will leave for Nan tomorrow (9/12/2012) and will do this leg on 10/12/2012. Many thanks.
  2. This may...or may not be of any this took place in March 2007.
    Upon returning from Laos I was in Nan and someone suggested I take the barge to cross the Sirikit Dam, as I was headed to Loei and then Eastern Issan.
    I was told that it was a 40km barge trip, which was totally wrong: the actual crossing was only about 6-8km! A police station near the reservoir directed me
    to the launching area. Upon debarking, it was a mildly potholed dirt road for the next 20km, then a nice paved road winding through the forest, with national parks, waterfalls, etc, towards Loei.

    Upon loading my bike the barge proved to be a surprise. It was not motorized, but connected by a long rope and pulled by a motorized longboat! In the pix below, you can barely see the longboat just to the left of the barge. Things may well have changed since then, so check with the locals to verify if the barge is still running.

  3. Thanks, John, for posting the info the OP needed.
    Unfortunately, all of my early trip reports which had route info, etc., were lost in a hard drive crash.
    I now back-up everything ;-)
  4. Did this ride 2 weeks ago (Nan to Loei) on a big road bike and avoided the ferry by turning off the 1026 (to Pak Nai ferry) and taking the 1083 through Si Nan national park....lovely part of the world out there.
    Then headed south along the Nan river and border with Laos on the 1268,2195,2294 and 203 through Ban Khok,Huai Mun,Phu Soi Dao waterfall (food opposite it),Lao Kho Hok (gas station there) Na Haeo,Phu Ruea to Loei.

    Not too many gas stations or cars and people for that matter on a lot of that route. Road was a a bit rough in a few places but fairly good really,the 2294 was fantastic.
  5. Thanks guys for your quick response. I have arrived at Nan after a real slow cruise here. Tonight i will mull over your helpful suggestions and come out with a route for tomorrow. Saw quite a few groups of bikers along the way.

    Once again many thanks to all! Cheers!

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