Nan to Mueng Nguen Hong Sa closed ??

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  1. I got a E Mail from Green Discovery tha the border by Mueng Nguen is closed for motorbike and foreighners ???? Is this right ?
  2. Did they happen to say when or why it was closed?

    It was open in February when my wife & I crossed over to visit Xieng Lom & Hong Sa. And a few motorcycle visitors have exited there since February, forget when but was a few months ago.

    Will try to check it out.

  3. Hello every body!

    I will enter to Laos from Huy Kon(T) to Mueng Nguen(L) on next month with my bike.
    Can I enter to Laos without problem? I don't need VOA(Visa) because I am Korean. Please give me information!
  4. Phone call this morning to Nan Immigration says the Huey Khon-Mueng Nguen border crossing is OPEN. Remember, if you are not Thai, you'll need your passport AND A LAO VISA. There is NO Lao Visa on Arrival at Mueng Nguen.

    Above confirmed by a travel agent in Vientiane, Green Discovery Tours.

  5. Thank you for your advice!

    Mr. Mactbkk,

    I am South Korean. Korean don't need Visa with Laos. Can I across this border without VOA? Please give me information!

  6. GTmaru

    Good question you have here, I really don't know.

    What I'd suggest is that on the way up to the border point at Huey Khon, you stop by Thai Immigration at Nan town to confirm with them that South Koreans do NOT need a visa to travel to Laos. You should ask them to give you a note confirming this that you can pass on to the Thai Immigration guy at Huey Khon, he may not be familiar with the rule. FYI, Nan Immigration telephone number is: 054-711-913

    In addition to that, assuming that Thai Immigration permits you to depart Thailand, there could be a problem with the Lao Immigration people about one km on down the road there in Muang Nguen. The place is pretty isolated and they may not know that South Koreans do not need a visa to enter the country.

    So, recommend you visit either the Lao Embassy in Seoul or in Bangkok and get a note from them explaining your situation.

    657-9 Hannam-Dong, Yongsan-Gu
    Phone: (00-82-2) 796 1713
    Fax: (00-82-2)796 1771
    Email: [email protected]

  7. Thanks a lot Mac.

    I will check it and inform about this border. Have a nice day!


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