National Park - Where Is It?

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  1. Trying to locate this site



    I've narrowed my list down to 3 places, but before I list my possibilities, I thought some of you knowledgeable Esarn guys might know where it is & the name of the site.

    So does anyone know where the above photos were taken?

    I did not take the photos & the photographer is being awfully cagey!
  2. Well, I am not from Isarn but it looks a bit like the viewpoint of Tham Erawan (actually the backside of Tham Erawan where there is a viewing platform)
  3. I am a new member of GTR . I also have many photos of this place with my XGF . I don't know how to post the photos but can forward to you to be posted . The National park is just outside of Chum Phae on the way to Khon Kaen about 4km off route 12 . I was there about 3 1/2 years ago . There are also many caves to be explored . The name of the park escapes me and if I remember correctly there was no entrance fee . Beautiful place but can be a little difficult to find . Mike
  4. kk1v.jpg
    kk2r.jpg kk3hf.jpg
    David, is this the place your talking about ? Mike
  5. Not far fom Bueng Kan I believe seven levels monks living quaters ect. on the side of the mountian.

    Puu Tock not sure on the spelling, have to ride through Sri Wilai to get to it.

    Only thing I remember like it.

    Unfortunately a lot of photos are missing ... t4543.html
  6. BR549
    Yep that looks like the same one. I’ve never been there, only seen some photos a mate teased me with.

    I had narrowed it down to 3 places

    Tham Phothisat

    Phu Pha Lom Forest Park

    Suan Hin Pha Ngam

    But this for me was this giveaway: Thailand’s Kunming (สวนหินผางาม หรือ คุนหมิงเมืองไทย) It is a limestone garden aged around 230-280 million years, occurring from the aggradation of beach deposits. Then, an uplift of the earth’s crust, together with millions of years of natural rot have made this mountain be strangely beautiful, similar to the stone garden in Kunming, Yunnan of China.

    So I think it is Suan Hin Pha Ngam near Chumpae.
    Located here
    N17 03.062 E101 44.588

    But please correct me if this is wrong. I want to get the correct name & location & go there later on this year.

    Loei is going to be "the new place" to go & hang out in

    Wat Tham Pha Pu or Tham Phiang Din (วัดถ้ำผาปู่ หรือ ถ้ำเพียงดิน), houses the remains of Luangpu Khamdi Paphaso, who discovered this place. The temple is a grand cave within a stone mountain. There are Buddha images enshrined in the cave, as well as, stalagmites and stalactites.

    Phu Pha Lom Forest Park (วนอุทยานภูผาล้อม) It is composed of steep limestone mountains with various pointed summits similar to a wall surrounding the virgin forest in the middle. There are various kinds of plants, herbs, sightseeing points, and caves as well as, Bo Nam Sap or Nam Phut, which is a sacred seepage pond.

    Wat Si Khun Mueang (วัดศรีคุณเมือง) This temple is a collection venue of Lanna and Lan Chang arts presenting at the Ubosot whose roof is in many layers reflecting the Lanna style of art. There are also many objects of art such as a carved Buddha image gilded with gold leaf on black lacquer in the forgiving posture of the Lan Chang style.

    Kaeng Khutkhu (à¹
  7. Great info Dave.

    Will endeavor to check some of them out this year. Thanks.

  8. One of our guys just took the run from Loie to Nan. Good riding and not so many tourists. Still a nice slice of Thailand. But, that is our little scret in Issan so don't tell anybody 8) :lol:

    Those seem new to me time to go exploring again, just waiting on the bike. Maybe I will get some rubber on the road next week. Guy hasn't been paid yet. That's usually pretty good motivation
  9. Hi David,
    I will check out your GPS reference during the next 2 weeks. It appears to be in the hills north of the Phu Kradeung escarpment and there is a minor road leading toward the site. I will go and have a look and report back. If so its off the 201 going toward Loei, rather than the 12 going to Khon Kaen, but we will see hopefully.
  10. Here are some pictures so you can find it easier. The view point is quite a trek from the entrance. This is where you park.

    Then you go through the hole and walk a long way.

    This is my wife Tui IMG_3721.

    The View looking back to parking area.

    Same area, nice place.

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