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  1. I just installed NAVV Globetrotter for Iphone, a free app that comes with a free downloaded map of your choice and 30-days free voice navigation.
    As far as I understand you can get 1 map for free, others have to be bought but I am not sure of that yet.

    So I downloaded Thailand map and it seems to work. And I checked some locations/streets I know and it is all on the map. Even the King Hotel in Loei is in the list of POI.

    Although I must say that scrolling & zooming with the map does not work that smoothly but otherwise I think I like it.

    Chang Noi
  2. Hi Friends, hi Chiang Noi,

    Thanks for the information, I found it on the Appstore but when I tried to dowload from my today's French location it for Thailand, it asked me19,99 €, t.i.t.s. some 840 TBH.

    Just consider that in Ban Moo Bangkok, the electrical small appliance area of Bangkok, you can find a very good working GPS with all accessories for some 1800 TBH, already loaded with recent Thailand map.
  3. I dunno how it works ..... but are you sure that you downloaded Navv Globetrotter and then the Thailand map? Or did you download Navv Thailand (which is not free)?
    I think you can only download 1 map and maybe even only the map where you are at that moment? I do not see any options to download (for free) other maps.

    When I did install it I could install the map also and I could choose from an all lists of countries.

    Chang Noi
  4. Hi Friends, hi Chang Noi,

    in fact NAVV Globetrotter is not available for download from my home country, then

    Navv, uk & Ireland, Italy, South East Asia, Iberia, United States, DACH, Egyptand Austral Afrika are available for donwload, no one is free §

    Maybe Apple should restrict some site or I don't know what....Never mind.

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