need a bike for ho chi minh to vinh


Oct 9, 2009
hi everyone, im new here but i will be arriving in ho chi minh on the 3rd of january 2010. i plan to ride north to vinh then cross over into laos from there.

i need a motorcycle for that trip, now whether i buy one and then sell it in vinh, or do a private rental and send it back i dont mind. one thing for sure i dont want to go to a rental shop!

so if i can find someone who wants to sell me a bike in ho chi minh, and someone else who wants to buy it in vinh, that would be good. or if theres someone comfortable with me renting a bike from them for a few days and sending it back once im done that would be good too. i know a few people on here who can confirm im not some dodgy bastard.

just after some suggestions from everyone, but i dont want a new flash and capable bike, a minsk would be so flipping awesome. but something with some character like that would be great fun.

even a shop that people know that is reliable would be great as half of the fun is finding a suitable steed!

thanks guys

oh and although its not from THIS riding forum heres my last trip in australia: