Need a hard wired intercom system

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  1. I have looked all over for this and I can't find it.

    I need a hard wired intercom system.

    I have a Garmin Zumo 450 GPS no blue toothe capability.

    What I want to do is plug into the GPS it is set up for that, so I can get voice directions. I also want to be able to talk to my passeneger.

    I know it's old fashioned but it's what I need LOL Most everyhting available I blue toothe that is over kill for me I don't want or need all those features. I need a complete system good qaulity mikes to reduce wind noise and the speakers mounted in the helmet

    I need a source in Thailand since I only deal in cash, new or used doesn't matter a long as it is a good one.

    An e-mail and phone number would be very helpful
  2. Ray -

    Never used them but the guys on my local forum rate them highly for wired...

    Seems like it has what you need.


  3. Yep that's it
  4. Probably peng nid noi.. but compared it to Interphone and Scala which seem to be the other two popular brands not too bad...

    Let me know if you need help with your research, I can ask on my local forum...

  5. My trick is finding a supplier here in Thailand
  6. If you can't order it over the net from the link I sent you, let me know and I can order and ship it for you...

    Trying to jag a trip to BKK for work over Songkran, but with the current financial outlook and a global travel ban, it isn't looking good...


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