Need a new helmet or top box???

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  1. If you are around Phuket and in need of a decent helmet or top box.

    The Honda bike dealer on the exit road out of Patong heading towards Karon.

    They have 3 Shoei helmets on display for sale, all full face, one has the opening front, (like a BMW System 3)

    They also have 4 Givi top boxes for sale, all different sizes.

    The shop usually has an assortment of new big bikes for sale, today only had a 2nd hand Shadow, for sale.
  2. John

    im looking for system 4 or 5 helmet's,, have you seen them in Phuket?
  3. Marco

    Have only seen Shoei equivalents
  4. Marco

    was in a shop in Bangkok

    They have a Rjay Tourtech Helmet, (System 3 look a like) 7,900 baht

    Nolan same same, with blue tooth 16,000 baht

    has a few sizes in stock
  5. John

    Funny that you mentioned 118,, while last weekend in KK bike week, got Nolan N-102 to wife on 15000 :D

    also, i found that Paddock has NEW SHOEI multitec for 24500.

    John if you pass by the shop, could you check what price model SHOEI they have and for what price, as we coming to bike week later.
  6. Marco

    Just sent you an email

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