Need A Rider For Bmw 800gs Kanchanaburi To Chiang Mai

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    My son and i have a pair of BMW F800 GS bikes. In the fall & winter we keep them up in the north, this year we'll base in Nan. Just more fun to fly up and ride there, than try to get out of Bangkok. Right now we have the bikes in Kanchanaburi - with friends we're doing weekend rides from there.

    In September I want to ride the bikes from Kanchanaburi, vai Mae Sot and Mae Hong Song (or maybe Mae Saring) to Chiang Mai. Would be a 2 night, 3 day ride. However, my son will be in the US at that time, and I'm not sure if I can line up a mate for the right or not.

    I'm wondering if there are any experience riders out there that might like to ride with me for 3 days. If you have any interest send me a message and maybe something will work out. Flexible on the dates.

  2. No takers I see.
    Have you thought of trucking or posting your bike to Nan?
  3. Yes I could do that. I have a trailer for the bikes and the last few years have had someone drive my truck & trailer with bikes to CR or CM. In this case I want to do the ride from Kanchanaburi to CM, via curvey roads - Mae Sot, Mae Hong Song, etc. Fun ride for me. Just trying to find someone else up for a fun ride :)

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Hi Derek

    I am in BKK early september if you still interested and I have to go to chiang Mai as well.


  5. OK cool, I'll send you a message with details
  6. Hi Derek
    Did you solve how to get your bike to CM?

    I can help you if you haven't found any to ride it up.

    Best regards
  7. I think so but will confirm in a week or so, if not I'll follow up with you. Thanks I appreciate it!!
  8. I live in Chiang Mai. But let me know if I can help you out.

  9. OK thanks.

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