Need advice for trip around Chiang Rai

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  1. I've been browsing around the forum looking for information is like any other forum it's a bit "messy" and I cannot find all the information I need.
    Me and my wife are going to Chiang Rai on the 13th of October and are looking to rent a bike for about 10 days to travel around.

    With the information I've managed to collect so far we plan on going to Doi Chang first, then to Doi Tung and then head towards the Burmese boarder and follow it up to the golden triangle to visit the museum there.
    Is this a good route to go or are we missing out on something? After the GT I'm clueless as where to go. Any suggestions here would also be appreciated.

    Can anyone tell me a good shop to rent the bike from? And what about clothing? All my motorcycle gear is back home in Sweden and I don't really wanna do the trip wearing jeans and to buy new gear for the once a year occasional trip is also out of the question. Does any shop also rent durable gear? I'm thinking of renting a bike that can do the dirttracks - something like a 250cc baja or similar.

    Any info is greatly appreciated!

  2. Thanks a lot of the reply!
    The thing is I've already bought the plane tickets and will land in Rai.
    What if I rent the bike in Rai and drive to Chiang Mai and then do the loop you were suggesting? What are the pro's in renting from Chiang mai? Is it cheaper? Do you suggest the a dirt bike? I'm more into sport bikes really but I've never done any dirt track riding and I think it would be a lot of fun. I'm clueless since I've never been in the northwest of Thailand before.
    Thanks again,

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