Need Bike Selection Advice; Heading To Vietnam Next Week To Ride North To South

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    I am in Thailand now and will be heading to Hanoi next week to purchase a motorcycle and ride around the north and then down to HCM over the course of a month. I am hoping you could give me some pointers on bike selection. My priorities, ranked highest to lowest, are:

    1) Parts availability, ease of repair, and ease of finding a mechanic capable of working on the bike. E.g. I know it would be stupid to buy a Ducati or other rare bike. I want the honda accord of bikes.

    2) Comfort, from both the seat and the suspension. I'm tired of riding a 125cc scooter with puny wheels, a bad seat, and virtually no suspension.

    3) Adequate power, ideally a 250cc or more, but I would consider less if necessary. I'm tired of riding a 125cc Scooter on the highway with the throttle pinned down for an hour.

    4) Price, it's not an issue and i dont mind overpaying if I have to, but accessing a large sum through ATM withdrawals is challenging, so I'd like to stay under $1500 USD, ideally under $1000. If I can sell the bike when I get to HCM that would be great, even if I get half of what I paid, or less, the experience is worth it to me. If it's a cash deal I'm limited to a few ATM withdrawls across a few cards, but if someone can accept Paypal or similar I can spend more.

    A little background, if it helps. I do have a valid USA motorcycle license and IDP. I have taken a US MSF training class. I have owned 7 or so motorcycles from standard style commuting bikes, some 800cc Japanese cruisers and a 1200cc harley sportster, and some Honda CBR 600's and 954. I have never ridden a dirt bike or dual sport. I have now done 1200km on a 125cc scooter in Thailand traffic mixed city & country and feel comfortable (as much as one can be) riding in Asia. I know how to work on bikes, but i won't have tools, except maybe perhaps a small basic tool kit for emergencies.

    With that said, I'd love to have advice on which bikes would be best for me to track down upon arrival. I will probably take it immediately to a shop for new tires, brakes, fluids, bulbs, battery, luggage rack, and more. I don't mind putting money into a bike for peace of mind.

    I am also open to other advice as my knowledge of riding in Vietnam is zero. Things like... liability insurance (if its possible with just my home license and IDP), good places to find used bikes (craigslist?), how to find good service shops, dealing with police, how to get a license plate etc.

    Thank you!
  2. Thanks, I did read that but there isn't much info there.

    I am considering renting a bike from Tigit. Is anyone familiar with them?
  3. Thanks I actually emailed them both earlier about one way rates for one month. I didn't see those prices on their sites, or if they offer one way service.

    What is the consensus on the Honda XR 150cc dirtbike? After riding an Exciter 150 today, which was fun, I feel I need something more comfortable for such a long ride. This company Tigit has been very professional and has a pretty thorough site, so I've been leaning towards using them. The XR 150 is the best bike they have.

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