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  1. Hello to all who see this.
    I have a father-in-law who lives in the Burirum area whom I want to buy an Enduro type bike for him as he only goes from home to the farm and sometimes market. The farm at times can be muddy. In the past I gave him a Suzuki 250 2-stroke but with the fairing and all it isn't made for a farm bike.

    Plus Pa doesn't really take car of things. Put's gas and oil and goes. I want to buy him a 125cc up that can do both the on and off road but more off road
    that is dependable as he has no mechanical skills and should I buy something that that breaks down a lot he will only say "Woo it's no good".

    Anybody have an bike that can fill this need please email or PM me. Understand that I am not looking for an expensive or new type bike just something dependable as I live in Bangkok and cannot go every time he has a problem with it.


  2. Hi Friend,

    Personnally I do not have any bike of such type to sale you, however, I think I do understand the issue and would advise you to make it simple by finding the most simple and popular mopet in Thailand such as an small Honda or a Yamaha and to change the tires for X cross ones.

    I saw in the country quite a lot of such modified bikes and people seems to be very happy with it whatever the season, slowly it works everywhere.

    This is the most simple way I would solve it because otherwhise you "Pa" will never be satisfy, on top it will be the easiest for you to fix it if anything would happen.
  3. buy him bmw hp2 very reliable 8)
  4. how about a sledge hammer ?
  5. whatever you do do not ever buy him a nuculear reactor
  6. one of these will do the trick, and it will even clean your shoes.

  7. Dan,

    I'd go with Azoulay's suggestion or if you wanted something "ready made", myself and Ian Bungy both have had Tiger 125 Smart CX which is already a cross sytle bike with a 4 speed manual gearbox. Mine was sold to a mechanical f*ckwit who half killed it in Laos but Ian's is still running strongly (I think) as the X-Centre shop bike and so long as you remember to put oil in them, should be fine. I'd expect to be able to pick up a 2 year old one for between 10 - 15K THB.

    Trip report with them can be seen here: ... t1794.html


  8. Thanks to all of you whom have responded positively to my post. I know as with any forum you will always get the clowns that instead of helping someone want to try and belittle or confuse the issues, but that's ok as the world is full of all types of people.

    As for Azoulay and Pikey's post, this is exactly what I will look into. Now that you have mentioned this I have seen a few of these modified bikes in various villages throughout the NE and believe this will work out great. I have an older Honda SWave 125 that I will have modified to meet the needs.

    Again thanks to all and I wish all a Safe and Happy New Year.

  9. I've seen brand new 125cc Honda Nova's (with clutch) all kitted out with high fenders and knobby tires. You can order a set from the Honda dealer I'm told, including better suspension front and back. But more costly than fitting a Wave with knobby tires...

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