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    Hi Everyone,

    Tricky here and this is my first post...

    I need help. Myself and my good mate Glenn are riding motorcycles from London to Singapore this year to raise money for charity. Our route takes us from Kyrgyzstan, through China and Pakistan, into India and then Nepal. Obviously we cannot ride through Myanmar (or can we?) so we need a way to freight the bikes from Kathmandu to Chiang Mai to continue our ride.

    Does anyone have any contacts that can help us, or have done this before. I have talked to a couple of people who have freighted bikes around SE Asia and they say that this route (Kathmandu to Chiang Mai) is quite common and easily doable.

    Obviously I would like to have this all organised beofre we arrive in Nepal.

    Any help, advice, guidance, tips or pointers will be gratefully appreciated.

    For those wanting a bit more in depth knowledge of who we are and what we are doing, our website: ... 3307_n.jpg

    Cheers and thanks,

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