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Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by NorThai, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Planning a 5-7 day tour here in North Thailand. Would be very nice if some of you could help us to plan this trip, we expect to run (cruiser bikes) 5-6 hours each day.

    Good roads and fine hotels or resorts is a matter of course, need not be 5-star but clean and nice, maybe with a pool and possibility for a massage and a cold drink in the evening.

    Have marked the picture where we have set for us to run inside, so all hope that you will be able to help us with the choice of path.

    As you can see from the picture, so it's a big lake up in the nor-east part of the area we have set out, something good up there? Is this within the golden triangle?

    Well, we will gather in Khon Kaen for departure when everything is ready planned. Will keep you updated with pictures and such when we finish the tour ;-)
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    Hi Northai,
    I had a look at the map on your link. This is not really the North of Thailand, the areas at the top of the map are in Laos, the grey line is the border, so the lake you were looking at is also in Laos.
    I suggest for the time you have that you move your area West and North a bit, to at least include Nan and some lovely riding country around there. That is still a long way South of the Golden Triangle. Maybe you need to look again at the area you want to cover and then people can advise on some of the routes etc.
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    Not easy to give clear advice when your idea is awfully vague.....

    1. 5 or 7 days? Days or nights? 1 day "there" & 1 day back = 3 days if it is only 5 days. & then 3 days = 2 nights? Not much you can do.

    2. What sort of riding are you looking for?

    3. Do you want to stop & take photos?

    4. Are you interested in temples / people / scenery / history - ancient ruins?

    Khon Kaen - Chiang Mai = 1 day.
    Chiang Mai - Khon Kaen = 1 day
    You could stop off in Sukhothai one way.

    Once in Chiang Mai you are in the centre of North Thailand's great biking country.
    From Chiang Mai it is one day to wherever.
    But it depends whether you just want to ride or cruise - potter along.
    For first timers riding in the North 250 kms a day is reasonable if you want to look at the scenery & take photos. More than this & you are basically riding & skipping lots out.

    The Mae Hong Son Loop is good for 2-3 days easy the first time. More if you want to go slow.
    For "Scandis" the Navasoung Resort
    in Mae Chaem is owned by a Fin, & is well worth a night.

    Another loop up around the Golden Triangle could be 3 or 4 days.
    Another loop over to Nan could be another 2-4 days.
    But unless you've got a minimum of 10 days IN THE NORTH you can’t do them all.

    The MHS Loop has the best forest cover, tightest most winding roads.
    You can get a certificate in MHS to say that you have ridden the road of 1864? bends.

    The Golden Triangle loop has the best "package" accommodation / hill tribes / night life / Mekong river.

    Nan has the best bike riding, more traditional culture & panoramic mountain views - because of the deforestation.

    Which one do your guys want?
    Mull it over, make a decision & do one of the loops from Chiang Mai, then head home.

    Whatever you won't be able to do it all & will only want to come back again.
    And best to NOT try to do too much as you will only want to come back to the same places again because you went too fast & missed too much. Take your time, do a loop properly, then next trip pick off another loop.

    Buy a GT Rider map
    1. the Mae Hong Son Loop ... -guide-map
    2. the Golden Triangle Loop ... iangle-map
    and polo shirt
    & I will be happy.

    I hope this helps.
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    I did the Mae Hong Son Loop on Davids Advice last year on my first visit to north thailand it was exellent with much scope to stop and sight see and very good recomended accomidation.The GT Maps invaluble as was the web site .Several Hot springs well worth an extended visit.

    I am back next month to do a extended tour hopefully going into Laos. But a really good place to tour with lots of day trips round CM.

    Safe riding


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