Need rusty gas tank sealer in Thailand......

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  1. Hi all : I have a rusty gas tank from a CRM 250 here that needs to be sealed. Have brazed most of the big
    holes but little pin holes keep showing up. In America would buy a product like Red Kote
    to seal the tank. Is there a product like that here in Thailand that could be used ??
    Tough to get a flammable quart of liquid from America to Thailand.
    Thanks for any information.....
  2. Red Baron sells tank sealant. Think its a Japanese brand but can't remember the name and no idea about price...
  3. Just Buy a New Tank off ebay or somewhere?
  4. The tank is just about impossible to find, so pretty much have to bring it back to life...
  5. How similar is the CRM's tank to that of the Baja XLR? They "look" quite similar and Baja tanks are common and cheap. Perhaps you could have a welding shop modify a Baja tank to fit your CRM? Lots of "chopper" shops in Chonburi make custom tanks. Where there's a will there's a way!!
  6. Hi Tony: I check Red Baron today. They did not have tank sealer, and the guy seemed to
    not know anything about it. :-( Checking the used parts in the back, did find a crm 250
    Mk 1 tank which fits but is 1 liter smaller. So think my brother will buy that one next time
    he goes there. The Baja tank is quite a bit different, would be a fair amount of welding to
    make it fit.
  7. Pick up a Aftermarket Plastic Tank from the States?
  8. Rheikel .. if you are near pattaya I can give my wife some from UK to take back in about 2 weeks , I have used some on one of my ducatis in UK and can buy it on wednesday and she will be back in Thailand next week .
  9. That is a great offer, thanks a lot. As the corrosion in the tank seems pretty severe, my brother has elected to buy another tank. Just picked one up today from Red Baron. Was in excellent condition, and was 2000 baht which seems
    pretty reasonable. So the bike will be off and running tomorrow. Not only am I near to Pattaya, I am IN Pattaya !!
    :) The tank that was on the bike and full of holes was actually the wrong tank. It was an 11 liter tank from a later model of CRM. So the tank he bought today, the 10 liter one, is actually the correct tank for the bike...

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