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  1. Guys, Ive been offered a 2003 Yamaha TDM900 which appears to be in really great condition. Its has the green book and all the papers are in order. Done 30,000kms. Has touring windscreen and Givi side panniers and E52 top box and engine guards.Asking price is Bht 230,000.
    Being fairly new to Thailand and not up to speed with used bike prices here ,can any of you tell me whether the asking price is reasonable or not ?
  2. Spoken as a newbie also, I would confidently say yes that seems like a very fair price for here.
  3. I would ask how many owners in Thailand and how long in Thailand. And have a look over it with a fine toothcomb. Example i just bought a bike which i thought was unmolested. But have since discovered it has a Mazda oil filter instead of a Suzuki one. there fore the thread on the engine is now knackered. and i'm trying to find a thread chaser to repair it.

    For that money i would buy a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 650. Allan
  4. Schackster
    The price seems reasonable.

    Important rego / licence details to check:
    1. Where is the bike registered?
    2. How old is the bike in the registration book?
    3. How many cc & cylinders is the bike registered as?
    2. In whose name is it registered?
    3. Are the engine & frame numbers Yamaha TDM numbers, or are they other Yamaha numbers?

    You need to determine these to ascertain whether the book is a recycled one, & whether you have a chance of getting the bike registered in Chiang Mai.

    If something is dodgy, then more than likely the place of registration will have to stay in the same place.

    Only hand the money over at the land transport office, after it has been inspected & they approve the change of ownership & you know the bike can be registered in your name.
  5. Hi Schackster, David has covered all the details well but for what its worth I was chasing a TDM900 2 years ago so if the bike is straight the price is good and only pay small deposit with the final balance paid after the ownership transfer is completed in CNX rego office if no hiccups are experienced. I think the TDM will be a fine bike for LOS, good luck.
  6. "Correct to good" price IMHO...
    Could be a good bargain, Chackster, but as said David: check, check and check one more time!
    For the money do as said if possible...

    I too was chasing a TDM 900 one year ago (and find one but fake green book!): no luck. Great bike for LOS: good torque and "sufficient" power...
    Good bike for traveling with pillion...

    Good luck,
  7. Guys, thks for the info. Will be seeing the bike next Tuesday and rest assured will be oh so careful to make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.

    By the way, so I find it quickly,where is the engine number located on the TDM ?
  8. David's point 2. "How old is the bike in the registration book?" is a good giveaway, most recycled books are ten ti twenty years old. I've test-ridden a 2 year old XR400 with "original green book" which stated the bike was 12 years old and looked like it had been washed in a machine several times.
  9. The TDM 900 is a great touring bike. I read a 50,000 km test report and the engine was in great shape afterwards.

    Still, as ThaiCBR says, you get a brand NEW 650 Kawa twin for this amount.

    Me, I would buy new, no doubt. Wonna hear some horror tales, me paying to get a Honda XL 650 single engine overhauled? As good as the TDM is, you might need some work. those 5 vales are scary - try finding someone trained to adjust them!

    IF you buy the TDM, drive a hard bargain and try to offer 185,000 as take it or leave it - saying you would buy the Kawa otherwise.

    Good luck, don't let the money burn a hole in your pocket!
  10. bro good bargain, Chackster..get for it..c u kuala lumpur Thai bike is cheaper compare to Malaysia...... :D :D
    will meet u in Changmai later..Hv nice days
  11. Final wash: Viewed the bike yesterday in Bangkok.
    Bike owned by a Thai guy who had claimed the bike was in mint condition. Well, it wasnt, surprise,surprise.

    Checked the book details against engine and chassis numbers and all ok, history of the bike also seemed in order. He had previously assured us that bike was a 2003 model. Prior to viewing I had done a bit of research and found that there is a label hidden under the seat with a code that tells you the true year of manufacture and it turns out that the bike is actually an "02 model. Yes, as per him and the book it was "first" registered in Thailand in 03 but the bike was manufactured in 02, so 1 year older than first stated.

    Not seen in photo, Givi box cracked and broken. Both mufflers dented.Seat had been shaved down and lowered to almost bare bone and very awkward to sit on. Several deep and noticeable scratches on the paintwork. Something amiss with the ignition lock, had to fight with the key to turn the power on.He claimed a squirt ofWD40 would fix it but I could sense that it was more than that.
    Im somewhat fussy when buying abike and yes I know its several years old and all these things are not so difficult to rectify but I just didnt feel good about it.

    Putting that to one side I was already aware of the price he paid for it a year ago and he then tried to ask for more than he originally quoted. That was the straw that broke the camels back, I politely turned and walked away leaving him calling me back with a lower price .

    End result: Didnt buy it.

    I wanted to thank all of you for the buying tips offered, they were reaslly a big help. Without that info had I purchased the bike I know I would have regretted it.

    Anyway, Ive already got my eye on something else a bit closer to home ..

  12. Good call Schackster...if you looked harder with a toolkit you would have found many more bodges and problems.

    Keep looking something good will turn up.
  13. Probably a good idea to walk away...

    It is not a good price, unless you are confident you know all that is wrong, and cost to fix, add a little "Hassle Tax"... plus a bit more for unknowns... and then the bike is still a good deal...


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