need some help in plening trip


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Apr 9, 2010
hi guyes
i whould appreciate some help....
in 3 dayes im flaying to bankok. and plen to ride for 2 month in laos, vietnam and thailand (by renting in every place)
i understand that in may its getting very rainy in laos. i was wondering if i should start over there beacouse of that.
i have 2 option:
1/ to flight directly to laos (15 april ) then to move on to vietnam (for allmosrt a month) and to finish in thailand (to det to chang may in late may- how is it overthere in this time of the year?)
2/ to start in chang may for about 10 dayes and then to continue to laos
is there a difrese at all in driving in laos, beetwin mid april to beggining of may?
what whuold u suggest me to do?
one more:
do i need to bring my own helmet, protection armor defender or do i get it when i rent a bike?
i whould be happy to get any tip....
thanks in advance