Need some northern Thailand pics

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  1. Hi all.

    I am in need of some really good shots of northern Thailand. The pics will be used on a northern Thailand bike rental website. No money or payment is involved but I am happy to give you credit on the photos we use. Just let me know exactly what the credit should say if you want credit for them.

    I have photos but I am also a very bad photographer. None of my shots will suffice for the project. My talents lie elsewhere. If you care to help out, you can e-mail me a few shots here:

    Thank you in advance for any photos.
  2. Love to help you out as I love photographing the countryside and love seeing the results in print....... but most of mine will have a girt big Electra Glide front 'n' centre!

    (Or worse....... the rider!!)

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  3. Ive got a few thousand. If the website - rental shop owner wants to contact me I could help.
  4. Hiya David. Thanks.

    Basically, I am doing this thing for the guy. It is for Brian, at Chiang Saen. Business name is C and M Bike rental right now but I think the name will change as the website goes live.
  5. Hiya Martin. Thanks. Anything you may want to send is appreciated.

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