need someone in Udon to do test drive

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  1. I need someone living in Udonthani, who has some years of experience with motorbikes, and knows abit about jap engines, to help me. I am in talks with a bloke to buy a bike, but I am out of the country. I need someone asap to go check it over for me, take it for a test drive, and then report back to me, and give me their can PM me if you like...thanks
  2. What is the make and size of the bike?
    Are you sure the seller is going to let a complete stranger ride the bike with the potential buyer being overseas? Do you know the seller personally; is it a bike shop or private seller?

    I may sound picky but it bugs me when people say to “Drive” a bike. That kind of indicates to me that the person is not an experienced motorcyclist. Riding a bike sounds more correct to me.

    I live nearby to Udon but i will not offer to do the test before I know what type of bike it is and if I have enough experience with that type of bike to give an unconditional evaluation.
    Even with you supplying the above information i may decline so no promises.
  3. Brian, no disrespect, but you're logic is a bit off. When someone says "drive a bike" he/she may be an experienced motorcyclists but a poor linguist.
    English is my second language and in my mother tongue we have the same word for operating a motor vehicle, may it be a car or a bike. We "ride" horses.

    That said I think it's nice of you to help out someone to buy a bike - a close look, test ride and some close-up photos will help a lot!
  4. test drive, test ride..
    because a starfish cant swim, should we still call it a fish?...
    Brian seems just alittle bit pedantic, but never mind, shows you are a meticulous fellow and therefore might be the bloke I am looking for..I wasnt paying much attention to what or how I spelt things, as long as you got the ghist, or is that jist..hahaha...just goes to show how ones indicators can be wrong about people sometimes, as I have been riding bikes for 42yrs, even built the one in my profile pic, so I am an experienced biker, just dont give a toss about grammer that all...test drive test ride. motorcyclist, biker, fuel, gas, petrol,... cant please everyone with spelling or sayings, just except how we all say things dude...Thanks KZ for your comments, nice bike, and I agree with you, but will not use that as an excuse in this situation, or the fact that I dont have any educational certificates, and live on a remote island, where we find other things more important than being grammerically correct...anyway, each to his own..dont know if I was more hurt that I was considered inexperienced, or a dummy....never mind Brian I wont hold it against you...

    The bike is a Honda Phantom 200cc..the owner is out of the country but has the bike for sale in the media, so he can hardly expect prospective purchasers to buy withour seeing it or test RIDING it...he has a friend looking after it, so I assmue he will officiate of matters, but dont worry, I will be playing this one by the book. All I need is someone who knows abit about bikes, to listen to the engine for knocks, test the swing arm bearings for movement, and the wheel bearings, have a play with the clutch and gears, shake afew things, take it for a ride and see if it runs straight and true, and has not been dropped or in a crash..and give me thier hands up
  5. If the bike is for sale in the media, why don't you post the link or the basic information so some of us who know the Phantom can comment?
    If it is an old hi-mileage two-stroke 150 and the owner wants 35K I could tell you right away to forget it.
    If it's a one-year-old bike with 15,000 km for 55K - go for it!
    I've bought a Phantom 200 like that in Phuket years ago, rode it 500km home at top speed and blew the head gasket in the process. Paid around 750 Baht to have it fixed, so what.
    Maaka, did you notice that a post by you and a reply from me (yesterday) has been deleted? Did you do that? I don't know if that's possible.
  6. KZ, all my posts in relation to this thread are all here, and yours, so I am not sure what you are referring to about things missing, maybe it is just at your end..I do no that recently that some thailand forum site such as Udonmap have been attacked by hackers lately..there is no way I know of where I can delete your or my posts..

    as to posting the links re the bike, sorry but I dont want to give my hand away just in case some other dude slips in and buys it under my nose, after I am trying to arrange all this..
  7. one strange thing I did notice KZ, was yesterday your post had a photo of a Pink Harley 1200cc as your avatar..and I commented on ' nice bike' in my reply the Pink Harley is gone next to your profile name...Furthermore I notice other threads about a Pink Harley for sale, and that thread seems to question matters too about things missing..

    has anyone else been noticing strange computer happenings???

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