Need tune up in Chiang Mai

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  1. Will be in Chiang Mai for a few days , from today, and my xjr1300 needs some loving .
    any suggestions where I can get a proper tune up,new filters and oil change ?
    destroyed my back tyre but cannot replace it as the ride back to ubon will wreck a new one!
    and any suggestions where to go , what to see would be appreciated .

    rob b
  2. Come on guys !
    i need some help here !

  3. After perusing the flood of replies, I booked the old girl into " piston shop" .
    and eagerly awaited a call as to the progress of the old girl.
    early the next morning I received a call from mr nut ,the owner /proprietor and was informed that she was finished !
    i hesitantly returned to the shop seriously expecting the worst, only to find the that the bike was tuned , cleaned and the few other requests had been performed with a extremely surprising competency, remember I live in issuan and our local mechanic, Kuhn somchai, is rather expensive and has a penchant for a hammer and cold chisel !
    i rapidly exited piston shop and proceeded to meet a previous engagement, the bike went perfectly for the first 50 kilometres then died !
    it was starving for fuel it seemed , a rapid call to mr nut and he promptly arrived with a rescue vehicle, loaded the faithless bitch into the truck with much laughter and cursing, returned to the shop, gave me an emergency fino and said " your battery is flat , come back in the morning , it will be all fixed"
    next morning arrived. So did a hangover, it went back to the shop, returned the fino, started my bike and rode off into the sunset !

    happy days the mystery fuel problem was traced too a vacuum hose that primes the fuel tap had perished due to old age and split ! As no vacuum to suck fuel - no bloody fuel !

    overall I cannot recommend mr nut and his crew highly enough !
    the bike was tuned perfectly and came in under the original budget, the old parts were returned to me, and after riding 400 kilometres today I have found a whole new bike under that uncomfortable seat !

    the simple fact that he drove over an hour each way to rescue me proves the man does actually care about his clientele and my somchai could learn a lot from him !

    seriously if you need a mechanic you would be hard pressed to find a better shop !

    rob from ubon.
  4. You are very correct Moose, the Piston Shop does a good job and are good to deal with.


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