Need Vietnam-Cambodia bike touring advice

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by Matt CP, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    We have a tentative plan to buy a couple of minsk motorbikes in Hanoi and tour down to the Cao Treo border crossing and cross into Laos then into Thailand, and from there into Cambodia to Phnom Penh. We'd then cross back in Vietnam and try to sell the bike in Ho Chi Min City. It seems that if we have proof of ownership in a vietnamese name and an insurance card(?) we could get a temporary export permit, yes? If anyone has any inside info on things I should know that would be super awesome!

  2. So much info on this site via search. But IMO (depending on how much time you have), since you plan to start off in Hanoi and eventually head South to HCM, just stay in Vietnam while you own the Minsk and save the border hassles. I don't know if you have ridden SEA or not, but Vietnam is HUGE and the going so slow with so much to see (North of Hanoi alone) it would take months to really do it proper. Save the Lao/Cambo adventure for another trip. Trying to make distance just for the sake of "seeing as much as possible" usually ends up achieving the exact opposite. Just my $0.02

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