New 2012 Kawasaki D-Trackers in Chiang Mai.

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  1. The new 2012 Kawasaki D-Trackers have arrived at Chiang Mai Kawasaki.

    They were covered in plastic so the photos are not that flash, but you can see there bright and bold this year.

    No word on the KLX as yet.








    They also have the 125cc D-Trackers that come in green, and red.


  2. Really like those blue wheels, they look very good.
  3. Nice!
  4. If only that had a 400 lump in it I would be making a trip to C.M now
    Looks nice with the blue wheels any idea what colours the Klx comes in? I thought red?
  5. The d-trackers this year seem to be in much nicer color combos than the KLX250's.. Not that sold on the blue wheels but love the black with green highlights..

    The new programmable ECU is being touted as the solution to the big bore problem.. Or at least they seem sure it will work on a 330 kit but need injector tweaking on a 350.

    330 kit and cams with a pipe should get you close to where you need. If I didnt have a DRZ I would be tempted by that package, especially with the parts / service supply lines.
  6. They told me the only thing that is new was the colour.
  7. That's good - so the price is the same...!

    (The graphics are new, too, can't tell it's a Kawa!)

    My favorite is the blue Tracker! - Looks almost as good as this one, the pic is one year old:

    Attached files 272529=5580-KLX250-blue1.
  8. Had a look at the dealer today and was a bit disappointed. The blue one doesn't look as good in the flesh as in the pictures. Maybe the shiny rims make the blue plastic look boring. They may look better on a black one.
    The blacked-out engine is cool though...

    Attached files 273195=6012-kawa.2. 273195=6013-kawa.3.
  9. Replace the white faring with a blue one and it should be good. Thats the only issue IMO.
  10. I would imagine that availability wouldnt be a problem but nobody , even kawasaki could tell you whats in stock 6 months ahead. If time is an issue , perhaps a month or a few weeks beforehand you could contact them and book one , normally a few thousand baht is sufficient as a deposit.
  11. Kawa cm looks well stocked with klx250s

    As Garry said, have somebody reserve one for you, a few thousand will be sufficient. I cant remember how much they wanted last time but it was in the low 1000s, and that was when they were all new and hot and selling out...
  12. They told me 10,000 baht is the minimum deposit, and the deposit can be transferred into their account after arrangement's have been made. Did this for Slash's KLX. Give CM Kawasaki a call, you can normally find someone that speaks english on hand.
  13. Honda's CRF250L will be out soon - there should be plenty Kawasakis in stock this summer!

    Even though it's not a supermoto lots of buyers will go for the Honda.

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