New 2013 verseys ordered ,,waiting list times?

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  1. Does anybody have an idea how long my 2013 verseys will take to be delivered , i am getting it from Khon Kean i have had to get my wife to order it as i am currently working away from home. Trying to get information out of the dealer is like pulling teeth, i know they are not a main dealer they get from Udon Thani i think, but i am near Roi et so it is the nearest dealer.

    I am working rotation at the moment so i would like the bike when ime home, the dealer has said "i an number one will get Versey in Dec, Jan,Feb or if have big problem March (dont you just love Thailand ha ha) so ime askin if anyone has more of an idea than the dealer ha ha,

    Also ime gettin the graphite grey (brown) because i dont like white bikes has anyone seen it in the flesh whats the verdict, i dont think it would have been my 1st choice tho.
    nice one
  2. Jan/ Feb sounds about right. I've heard that it's around 4 months wait for the Versys.

    I could depend on what colour you choose too. The Kawasaki dealership in Chiang Mai quoted me a 3 month wait for a black ER6 or 2 months for a green one.
  3. Wally did you get any idea what the waiting list is for a white Versys in chiang Mai?
  4. No. Sorry. Unfortunately, a new Versys would stretch my budget too far so I didn't ask.
  5. Has anybody seen the met grey (brown) in the flesh it looks dark on the pics, hopefully it will look good in the Thailand sun, if not i think i will respray it black, i really cant decide weather i like it or not ,its doing my head in.
  6. The color varies a lot depending on lighting. In dim light it looks like a dark Titanium. In sunlight is looks dark brown. Pretty elegant color imo, but of course ymmv ;)

    Recommend you check to see if the Kwacker dealer in Khon Kaen is actually an authorized Kawasaki Big Bike Dealer. Last I heard they were only selling and servicing up to 250cc, but maybe their status has been upgraded?

    Just did a search on the Kawasaki site for dealers selling Versys near Roi Et and nearest dealer shows as Udon Thani-
  7. Hi Tony,
    I done the same thing and it came up as Udan Thani i have been on the phone whist my wife has spoken to them from Khon Kaen, do you think this cause me problems later if this is not a main dealer as i have paid the deposit and i would obviously would like to get the bike from a dealer nearer as it will save time servicing etc, i have read that the guys from the 2 dealerships are related i will get my wife to ring them but you know Thai culture i will get the inevitable reply of " no plonplem" .
    I have asked her to ring the shop in Udon Thani to make sure,
    Thanks for the heads up Tony
  8. 55, yeah, no doubt you'll get the standard Thai "No Problem" answer, but I wonder if the Khon Kaen dealer is actually allowed to do set up and scheduled maintenance on the 650... Would you warranty still be valid if service is performed by an un-authorized dealer?

    Kawasaki Udon has received rave reviews and I was very impressed by their service and facilities when we stopped by a couple weeks ago on the way back from Laos.

    I'm not sure who can give you a "straight" answer regarding warranty and service from the sub-dealer in Khon Kaen... My GUESS is that you might have some problems down the road in the unlikely event you need warranty service if the bike has been set up and serviced by an un-authorized dealer. But that's only a guess.

    Perhaps drop Khun Tidavan an email- ([email protected] ;) she's in marketing at Kawasaki, Thailand and is fluent in English. If she doesn't know the answer I'm sure she can find someone who can.

    Do let us know if you get a reply- I'm curious about this myself.

  9. Delivered today the guy who delivered said it is up to me where i get it serviced.i think i will see how things develop getting their big bike dalership.very happy at the moment though tested it out never went stupid like but its quite adequate for these roads...definatly had sore nuts after an hours riding..and was hitting the motech engine guard i had fitted when breaking.
    Exhaust notes awfull though but i will keep it on cant see the point changing a new exhaust because it sounds shite..anyway happy days..
    Dont know how to post a pic
  10. Congrats on your new bike!

    FWIW, besides the stock exhaust sounding like a wet fart, it also weighs a whopping 12Kg and most aftermarket pipes will give you another 2-3hp, so really you have THREE good reasons to consider an aftermarket pipe :)

    Happy Trails!


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