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  1. Well I was Told today the New Africa Twin will arrive in Thailand next Month. Thailand only gets one Model. The Top DCT Auto. Price will be just over 500.000 Baht! That is Incredible and Big News! Putting it in the same Price Range or Cheaper than the GS800 and the Tiger 800 XCX . Can't wait to see it!!!

    Yahoo!!! FB_IMG_1439018245348-960x719.


  2. Great news, want be able to sleep..
  3. Wooho.  You have to wonder if at that price the bike is made in Thailand?
  4. They claim it is made in Japan. Full import!

    Cheers Ian.
  5. Lots of interest in the UK as well, motorcycle news did a big article on it, looks quite off road biased I'm  looking forward to a test ride.

    safe riding

  6. I was in at Big Wing Honda Yesterday and they Told Me the Bike will be Launched at the Up Coming Motor Expo  which will be held in Bangkok. He said Next Month September? But the Motor Expo is Held in December? They also said not more than 600.000 Baht which is a Lot More than they last Stated at 500.000 Baht or Just over? He claims You can Book then with Delivery early New Year? So everything to be taken with a Grain of Salt I guess? So all good Reliable information as Usual!!! Ha Ha. Whatever this will be an Important Bike. Looking forward to it!
  7. This one is being shared in Thai forums, not sure if it real as the price looks quite attractive.
  8. That would be Spectacular Maha if it came at just 463.000 Baht. Sales would be Massive!

    Cheers Ian.
  9. Nice looking bike. And if the 463000 baht price is correct, good value for money.

  10. While I like twins, my dream is a light-weight AT with smaller displacement. For Thailand, do we really need a liter bike?

    Can't believe the sub 500 k price - that would be a game changer!

  11. Sweet Monty and thanks for posting this. Been going through hell deciding whether to opt for the XCX or 800GS.  Glad I wasn't hasty!

    500k seems a little odd though.  I'd would have though 700k baring in mind the price of the crosstourer.
  12. It's cruel, seeing all these lovely 650 cc enduros for >60,000 Baht in Germany at BMWs, Hondas, Suzuki Freewinds and many with <30,000 km.

    Miss my XL 650 (bought from a neighbor for $ 700)

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  13. Honda-1.

    Still no wiser with the details having just returned from the press launch. Unfortunately I needed to leave just after the unveiling. Last week I spoke to AP and they said price between 5-600k but no confirmation on the model. The one on display didn't look like the DCT version.








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  14. That still is an awesome looking machine, but the price (for me) will be a killer. 600,000 baht?
  15. Last conversation I had was a price confirmation of 600K plus.  Not really a confirmation but I did think the 4-500k price was a little short.  I'm guessing the manual will be early 600s with a premium on the DCT.  Either way, I am hoping it will be my next bike.  Official launch is said to be mid 2016 so I wouldn't expect anyone to get their hands on one before Sept 2016.
  16. I have seen the Prices etc Advertised for here in Thailand but only saw three different Colours listed so obviously I thought there was some misprint. Called into Honda Big Wing yesterday here in Chiang Mai and asked.

    What a lot of Bollocks! Here is what We get:

    Manual Gearbox Choice of Rally Red or Black!

    DCT Auto only Black or Silver!!!

    So in No uncertain Terms I told them W.T.F!!! According to all the Tests and Reports I have read so far the DCT is the one to get but in their Wisdom Big Wing Thailand won't give You the Tri Colour or Rally Red on that Model! In My Opinion those are the only two Colours worth having! So Unfortunately I won't be getting one, will wait in anticipation that in a Year or two they will offer them? T.I.T.
  17. So the prices are 550,000thb for the manual and 580,000thb for the DCT based on Honda web site:

    And yeah, the choise of colours is a bit strange, but stickers and plastic could be always changed?
  18. I recently sat on the new Africa Twin at the motor show in Bangkok

    & it felt just like an Africa Twin, my old bike that I did 340,000 kms on.
    An awesome feeling indeed.
    But Do I need to pay another 200,000 baht more over the 650 Vstrom that I am now enjoying.
    What riding would I do on the AT that I could not do on the Vstrom, & would it be an extra 200,000 bahts worth of riding.
    Probably not is how I feel right now.
    Now to wait for the bike to hit the showroom floor in Chiang Mai & get a test ride.
  19. I think the price, in Thailand at least is an absolute bargain when you compare the prices of the GS1200 and others. The common argument seems to be an unfair comparison simply because it is down on BHP compared to other 1000-1200 cc models. Doesn't work like that.
    I plan to take it off road and with this bike I won't worry too much is I drop it an need to replace parts. My versys as done more off road than my mate 800GS who is having endless issues.
    Hope it will be as reliable as my versys.
    My money is down on one, just hope the quake in Japan doesn't set the delivery date back too far.
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  20. Way too many people thinks bigger is better, but I guess they have never ridden alone enough to know any better.;)
    ( It's a joke so don't fly off your handlebars.) 555
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  21. I will still get a AT as soon as they sell the DCT in a Decent Colour. Either that or the Yamaha MT09 Tenere! Which ever comes first! My Opinion is also Smaller is better but Power and Speed are needed if You want to Cover Big distances on Good Roads. The 250 is Fine in Neighboring Countries but as soon as You Hit the Big Roads in Thailand it is just Too Slow and Hard on the Arse Ha Ha!
  22. Funny, that's what the missus said!
  23. Yep, the new Tenere is another option if it hits Thailand. Another option if the AT is delayed.
  24. I have test ridden both versions of the new twin it's a very nice bike and although heavy you wouldn't know it to ride as weight is low, the DCT is very impressive indeed. Re Europe it could be a bit underpowered for two up loaded trips on fast motorways but no issue in Thailand of course. I found the honda 500x perfect for me in Thailand.
    Not sure about tubed tyres thought think they might need to change that, but very easy to ride even for me.
    Safe riding
  25. Hola . I test rode both these bikes in the uk , Yamaha mt 09 is blisteringly quick .but is not an off road bike for sure . The AT is more off road biased . Fast and capable .but tubed tyres are a big turn off for me .turns a puncture into a headache.
    In the end i opted for the Vstron 650 and it covers all bases very well . Very pleased with choice .will call in and say hello in a couple of weeks time .Heading north .

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