NEW!!! Avatars - New Size Limit = Max 180x200 pixels

Discussion in 'XENFORO Forums Guide' started by Champasak, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. The GT-Rider Forum has just been upgraded again!

    Avatars: these are still permitted
    - there is a gallery of Avatars available for selection in your profile
    - you may now upload avatars to the server
    - you may also link to an avatar on another site - make sure its the correct size!

    New Size Limit = max 180x200 pixels wide / 75k


    Admin Guy
  2. Hello Admin Guy,
    I've uploaded pictures for a few of my posts. I can't seem to upload any more for my new posts as there is no more space left. Is there any way I can remove the old pictures to add new pictures for the new posts?

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