New Bike Accessory Shop In Town

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by Cloughy, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Not sure how many of you know this all ready but a new place for accessories has opened up just opposite Kad Sun Keaw Central. (forgive the spelling lol).
    The place appears to be in the process of becoming fully stocked with lots of aftermarket parts for all makes and models of bike.
    They also are claiming to be a service centre for Ducati. There were about four in there yesterday.
    The shop is called Pekky Prostreet, they also have a tricked up versys in the window that was on display at the recent bike party at Airport Central.

  2. That could be correct, I went to Khun Pekky's shop recently in Bkk and was told he was busy opening a shop in CM, here in Bkk he is associated with Kittisak Racing who do a lot of D-Tracker and KSR tuning.
  3. Theres always room for another bike / accessory shop here in Chiang Mai. Good news :)
  4. I stopped in today sans camera but managed to get a business card. The shop looks really nice.

    Yep, it is directly across from Kad Suan Kaew on Huay Kaew Road. There is a nice little parking area for bikes alongside and a nice little coffee bar (beers also) inside.

    Looks nice.

    I was told that any orders on the web site would take about two weeks to get here from BKK.


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