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  1. Dropped in to "Big Twin" Phuket town.
    One of the owners , Marc told me he is able to bring in new Dual purpose bikes and are avaiable in 2 months from order WITH new green book.
    sample prices: XR400 SM 395,000B, DRZ400 SM 405,000B, DR650 360,000B.
    These prices are subject to exchange rate but give an idea...
    these are NOT used bikes.
    contact: Marc 087 8879606. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Thanks for letting us know! I'd expect a "non-used" bike for well over $10,000...
  3. Avoid the xr400 SM like the plague, i had one in cambodia and it is a joke, uses the quad bike engine with electric start but is so detuned its awful, no pick up at all, suspension is good (usd forks) but the engine just ruins it, ill suited to a bike the 250 is better.
  4. I have one...and its great ! Previous owner is in the business and there is nothing wrong with the pick up..quite awesome infact...will run even better with pumper carb...better check your info...unless dodgy bike....mine is Jap import as stock.
  5. I've test-ridden a fairly low-mileage XR400SM here in TH and have to agree with wbbpaul that the engine was disappointing, suspension ok. Maybe there are different import versions?
  6. After doing a bit of work on mine, the gearing makes a huge difference.
  7. Hi Friends,

    Do you think all that is reliable ?

    Who is this "Marc" ? Nothing related with the RCA stories ?

    Double check....
  8. Marc is Ok .Runs Big Twin- harley dealer here in Hkt.
  9. Hi SiinThai,

    Thanks for the post, happy to read about it. I had a bad experiment with a few deposit I left on part order with the RCA people thus i prefer to double check, specially when a french sounding firstname appears in the story...

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