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Discussion in 'BMW Bikes In Thailand' started by Otto, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Otto

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    bin neu hier im Forum, lebe auf Phuket an der Patong Beach,

    habe seit 13.Sep. eine BMW 1200 GSA und bis jetzt 6`900 km gefahren ohne das kleinste Problem, der Verbrauch ist 5,5 L (91)

    habe sie etwas umgebaut, Luftfilter K&N, SR - Komplette-Auspuffanlage und ein Luftansaugrohr mit dem doppelten Querschnitt

    Bis jetzt, das beste Bike was ich je gefahren habe - nur zu empfehlen !

    Suche Biker zum Erfahrungsaustausch und zum gemeinsammen Touren ?
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  3. johngooding

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    Hi Otto,
    I have a BMW too, but to be honest I have no idea what your post is saying and nor will 99% of the other GT rider members. If you want a response please post in English
  4. Otto

    Otto Member

    @ johngooding

    thank you for answer, but is to match work to translate at ??

    I must doing anytime !


    'm new here in this forum, live on Phuket at Patong Beach,

    have been 13.Sep. a BMW 1200 GSA and until now 6 `900 km driven without the slightest problem, the consumption is 5,5 L (91)

    something they have rebuilt, K & N Air Filters, SR - Full-exhaust system and air intakes with the double cross

    Until now, the best bike I've ever driven - only to recommend!

    Search bikers to share their experiences and ride together tours?

    - is the translate result okay ?
  5. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Hello Otto,
    Thank you for taking the trouble to translate. I hope many people will read your post and I think you agree it is better to translate once rather than every person who reads try to translate.

    GT Rider has members and readers from many countries around the world, some living here full time, some part time and some not living here, but interested in motorcycling in Thailand. English is the first or second language most of them speak, so if you post in English, many people will be able to read and maybe reply to your post.

    There are some members in Phuket and maybe now some of them will reply to you because one of the good things with GT Rider is that you can find people who like to ride the same way you do.
    I live in Isaarn, a long way from you so cannot offer to ride with you, but will contact you if I am coming down to Phuket.
    I wish you a good experience with this site and with enjoying your motorcycling in Thailand.
  6. KenYam

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    Hey Otto welcome - a picture works in any language mate. Cheers
  7. Otto

    Otto Member

    Hi together,

    I like a offer from BMW-Barcelona Phuket for tire-set Pirelli - SCORPION TRAIL - I waiting 4 days for replay, the rate is 15`300 THB + 695 for fixing

    Then I look internet and found Pirelli - BBK, give a mail and have one houer later the reply, the rate 11`000 THB + 200 for send to Phuket

    best service and top rate at:

    Mr.Pat Sirichamroonvit
    Showpow Performance, Thailand
    new Miguel's
    tel. +668 9003 8887
    fax +662 7425 733

    see all one the road

  8. Marco

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    I ride with K 1200 LT A.K.A Panzar Wagen,,and i havent heard anything good from Barcelone,, i contact them few times but they just try to piss of in prices so i use now days Bkk motors and get guite accurate prices(thai price) from them,, just ordered cluts,slave cylinder and few other parts for 15G from them,, no complains from my side, i know others have had problems with them,but like said,, i so far ok.

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