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  1. Did not have a lot of time, just the morning, but crossed the new steel deck bridge and rode to the 4031. Took that to the 1001, had a quick look around the country, and returned via the same route.
    Was on my CRF, no issues, but heavier bikes may not have it so easy, as the portion just over the bridge to the 4031 is built of sharp square-edged rocks dug right out of the bank, all uphills very rutted and full of holes.
    That being said, sure makes a trip to Phrao quicker from where I live.
    Next up is to ride thru Khun Chae park using this route as a start.
  2. I took the new steel bridge on the way to Chiang Dao the other day, and as canthai pointed out its makes a trip out of town quicker, as well as more interesting.
    I was on the KLX and as canthai said, heavier bikes would probably find the dirt section of about 5 kms a little tricky.

    Chiang Mai (1).JPG

    There's a nice little coffee shop next to the bridge.
    Chiang Mai (2).JPG

    As well as food. I think the bridge will become a local tourist attraction.
    Chiang Mai (3).JPG

    Chiang Mai (4).JPG

    It was a ripper day out riding.
    Chiang Mai (5).JPG

    Chiang Mai (6).JPG Chiang Mai (7).JPG

    Photo taken from the bridge.
    Chiang Mai (8).JPG

    The dirt section. Some of it pretty steep and rutted as canthai explained.
    Chiang Mai (9).JPG Chiang Mai (10).JPG Chiang Mai (11).JPG Chiang Mai (12).JPG

    A slight adjustment to the GT-Rider golden triangle map.
    Chiang Mai (13).JPG

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  3. Nice one Canthai & MotoRex.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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