new CB1100 classicretro its lovely

Discussion in 'Honda Big Bikes Thailand' started by monsterman, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Rode one today in pattaya its is excellent in the flesh compact ,low c of g strong torque nicely finished in usual honda fashion paint is superb and pleasant to ride ,HANDLING IS FINE , ITS NOT A SPORTS BIKE BUT IT HAS A COMFY RIDE AND ACCURATE HANDLING AT SENSIBLE SPEEDS AROUND MY USUAL BACKROADS IT WAS HAPPY CRUISING AND BEND SWINGING ON SANDY ASHPHALT AT 60-70MPH. top speed was about 124mph but thats not what this bike is about its actually very nice I liked it a lot better than my old Cb500 or Norton Commando in 1974 my normal bike these days is an S4 monster , but the Cb1100 is a really decent modern retro bags more fun than a bonny 900 just needs a reverse cone mega to release a rorty sound , only problem in Thailand is the 800,000 baht £16,000 price tag due to import duties
  2. Come on Jerry where's the pics? You took a new bike out on a road test and didn't take any snaps? And I know that you know there are some awesome backdrops to be had only a few miles outside Pattaya!
  3. Red Barron had a white CB1100 for sale about 2 years ago. Price was around THB 560,000 new (I believe). Beautiful bike.

    Monsterman, who's bike was it? For sale, rent or a friend’s?
  4. Sorry i did not have camera or phone with me the bike belongs to Jumins sister it was a rental 1500 baht for a day , it was delivered last week from Japan brand new still has red plates , she said it will get book in about 4 months , she always has some of the latest Japanese models in her lineup and they are all immaculate , I asked her opinion of the ER6 she as she rents out many , she said it is cheap but chain and batteries are not good quality also swing arm and wheel bearings need checking a lot , poor quality she said because THAI made not Japan!!!!!!! she also had a new Kawasaki Z800 which is made here but she said it was in bits after only 2000kms due to poor quality bearings , chain and battery whera the Z1000 she has is a year old and 17,000lm never had any problem ,she thinks Thai made models are good for price but not a shade on Japanes made big bikes for quality , she also has a ducati Monster 795 which has been very good and that is locally made.
  5. Watched a video of this just last night, nice!

  6. Seems to me that the CB1100 is a gentleman's ride for mature riders who remember the originals from the 70s. It's not about power or the latest technology, not about being lightweight using lots of plastic parts, not about the latest fashion craze, no cruiser for show-offs, no adventure tourer for riders who pretend to be the Camel Man for a day.
    Just a finely-crafted, updated version of the old UJM you can take on weekend tours and admire sitting in the garage; just looking at it should bring back fond memories.

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