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  1. I'm having a blast on my new D-tracker, but after 1 week the initial rush is fading and as I get more comfortable on the bike I'm starting to notice new things. One thing in particular is a clicking noise that comes from somewhere around the front sprocket. When rolling the bike around the driveway, it's very soft and sounds something like the tick-tick that is normal for a coasting bicycle. But when driving at higher speeds, this noise becomes more of a buzz/whine and it's a little annoying. The noise isn't especially loud and the bike is performing nicely, I'm just wondering if other D-tracker owners noticed the same thing. Is it supposed to do this? Like I said, it's a normal noise for a bicycle but I've never ridden a motorcycle with it before.

    Anyway, here's a couple of shots from this morning's ride up Doi Pui.



    It's nice to live in Chiang Mai :D
  2. Hi Friend,

    Could you imagine that you make me dreaming with such nice pictures, specially when I am at the "mine" in France....

    Enjoy it and don't worry too much about the noises of the D-Tracker...

    Noise is life !
  3. In almost every case the KLX and D-trackers come from the factory, with the chain far to tight.
    Maybe that's what's giving you that unwanted buzz.

    Nice photo's.

    Cheers Rex
  4. Thanks for the replies. If my noise is still around at 1000km I'll ask the guys at the shop about it. Til then I 'll just try to pay more attention to the road & the scenery than to the noise, & keep that smile on my face.
  5. It's probably the change jingling in your pocket since you got a great deal!!
    Did you lube your chain yet? I recommend SONAX chain wax in the BLACK can, it has a picture of a chain on it. Don't take the orange one that's available everywhere! That'll kill your chain in no time.
    If the chain came too tight from the dealer you should have noticed that earlier.
  6. the clicking is normal as the bike has floating disc brakes,the disk is not static,
  7. I'm glad to hear that the noise is normal (I'd already ruled out a tight or dry chain). But a floating disk sounds strange to me. I mean, how's that work?
  8. I was thinking about your clicking noise that is coming from somewhere near the front sprocket. Maybe you could put the bike up on a stand, take off the sprocket cover, turn the back wheel by hand and have a look and a listen.
  9. the brake disc is loose,there is a reason for that, if it was not the disc would be damaged when it heats up,my dtracker was just like yours.
  10. A quick update. A friend rented a D-Tracker yesterday. It had 4000+km on the clock and made the same clicking noise as mine. So maybe it really is normal. As for the brakes, I don't know about other bikes but I checked my disks by hand - they are not loose & don't float. I'll be into the dealer next week for my 1000km service and I'll see what they have to say about the noise.
  11. I haven't had much time to ride this past week so I'm still short of 1000km. I'll get in for that service this week for sure. And I've got a tire hunting expedition planned for later today...
  12. Finally got in for my 1000km service today & asked about my mystery noise. Of course, after cleaning & lubing the chain yesterday, the noise was much reduced today & the mechanic couldn't hear it just rolling the bike around the parking lot. He promised to have a drive and listen but when I returned to pick up my bike he sound everything sounds normal to him. The noise is still there for sure but I guess it's not a problem.

    Anyway, I have my own new theory about what's causing the noise. The chain comes into contact with a plastic/rubber strip that is bolted to the top of the swingarm.

    I've looked closely at 5 or 6 D-Trackers & all of them seem to have this point of contact. My theory is that the noise comes from the chain links hitting this strip. The strip has two grooves in it from the chain rubbing against it, and as the grooves get deeper it could result in the noise disappearing over time. Also, a freshly lubed chain would slip more easily over the strip, causing less noise. What do you think?
  13. I once got the same problem - when I brake, the front tyre touches the plastic cover of the front shock-ab. No more clicking after I adjust the plastic cover.
  14. The previous model years for the ROW KLX occasionally had clicking coming from the Cam Timing Chain. From what I understand it has an auto-adjuster that would cause this as it was trying to find the correct position.

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