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  1. Will be doing the MHS Loop next week and Im sick of the same old destinations - Pai, Pang Ung, Sunflower hill, etc.....

    I've done it many times, my question is do anyone knows of new interesting places?

    will be on big bikes not dirt

    Will be in the Sappong/Mae Chaem/Mae Sariang areas

  2. Hi Sukie, don't know many destinations as much more doing biking than sightseing, David or Silverhawk might come in handy with some information as they haven't got tired yet of all the temples :mrgreen: ....... You will meet several fellow bikers on the way as Tony and his Secret-Soi Riders gang are coming up to Mae Sariang on Friday and then will do the MHS loop on Sat 24th. Please see also:
    I hope we meet somewhere inbetween, so enjoy the ride and lets hope for no rain.... :smile1:
    Ride safe, Franz
  3. Thx Franz

    not heading up till 28 and back around the 2nd. when i say destinations I dont really mean temples but more like new routes and shit let me know if you or any other knows

    Thanks and hope to see each other on the road sometimes

  4. Sukie
    Yeah if you've been here for awhile, the Mae Hong Son loop is still the same. The same over night towns & basically the same asphalt roads. No great new asphalt loops or side roads.
    Funny but If you've lived here a long time, in a way the over development (& ruination) of Pai has killed the loop.

    Pai (the Khao San Rd of the hills) has dominated so much the last few years; the other places have almost gone backwards, with less farang (& maybe Thai) tourism?

    The night life & entertainment was infinitely better 15+ years ago; & the MHS Loop hay days were during the filming of Air America I guess - Mae Hong Son & Mae Sarieng got all the action.

    My fave places now are

    The Soppong River Inn, a true gem on the loop.

    Piya guesthouse in Mae Hong Son
    Baan Thai massage in Mae Hong Son
    The Labieng restaurant on the outside of town, on the S-E side is good for food & drink (in high season.)
    In town for farang, the Salween had a big reputation for farang food, but Nang has since moved (Down by the lake?), & the Salween is now Aussie run.
    Nok who used to be a partner in the "famed" Crossroads Pub, has moved to her own pub & restaurant, on the south side of town somewhere, but I don't know exactly where yet. I assume Moo still has the Crossroads, & if he has not changed the formula or music it should still be ok; but I don't know about the cook (ex Salween), if she moved with Nok or not.
    Hern Yay Kaew is newish Pub & Restaurant that looks cool, just opposite the Baan Thai massage; & is worth checking out.

    AND checkout the GT Rider plaques at Wat Chong Klang in honour of two fallen GT Riders: John TJ Hamilton & Simon Siinthai Grant
    for the full story. Should be an obligatory stop for all riders who go to MHS!!

    Rak Thai / Mae Aw north of Mae Hong Son is delightful. Pang Ung is nice, but over rated & often over run by Thai tourists.

    When they finish asphalting the Nong Khiew loop from off R108 - R1263, this will be a fantastic side loop! It is possibly close to finished, but check in MHS at the TAT / highways dept / rural roads.

    Ban Farang in Khun Yuam is hit & miss, although in high season the food is excellent.
    The Pratu Muang Loop to the west of Khun Yuam is pretty & ok, if you've got time to spare.

    WAT MAE PANG between Mae La Luang & Mae La Noi is a lovely rural ride & a good looking photogenic temple, (under royal patronage?)

    Riverhouse Resort in Mae Sarieng.
    The Krua Gan Eng is good for food, drink & music

    Navasouang in Mae Chaem.
    The Krua Lai Hin is where I eat.
    There are some gorgeous rural village loops to do in the Mae Chaem valley, with some magic temples & villages.
    If anything Mae Chaem is perfect to be the next Pai, (& trashed? :sad1:: )
    I hope the locals don't sell all their land off to the city slickers & see their culture; traditions & lifestyle disappear in 10 short years!
    The lady at the Chaem Muang ... index.html
    is worth looking up for info.

    Also the guy at the The View Fai Meteorite Tennis Resort is an absolute character. Check out his meteorite stone & listen to his stories about opposing the lignite mine near Mae Na Chon 20 years ago. A great guy & worth supporting.

    For DOI INTHANON make sure you do the Sanpathong – Mae Wang – Khun Wang – Khun Klang road, now all asphalt & a stunning country back roads ride.

    Last but not least once they finish asphalting
    1. Samoeng – Wat Chan
    2. Kong Loi – Lao Lee – Mae Hae – Mae Chaem
    3. Mae Chaem – Mae Hae – Mae La Noi
    4. Mae Chaem – Ban Pui – Khun Mae La – R108
    We will have a whole new dimension to the Mae Hong Son Loop, AND Mae Chaem will be the centre of the universe on the MHS Loop. There's a few more years to go!

    Plus I hope they never build the highway from Wat Chan – Huai Pu Ling – Mae Hong with a tunnel as stupidly & extremely greedily proposed by some MHS businessmen several years ago. Asphalt the road, but leave it as it is 4 metres wide!

    GT Riders please help out & post your MHS Loop tips & favourites here…..
  5. Thx Dave

    Wasn't expecting such a long ass reply, greatly appreciated.

  6. No worries, I hope to be able to discuss it a bit more on Wednesday . See you then.
    BTW What "they" need to do is make more loops, connect some of the side roads that run out to the border areas & that will keep people returning because there are new side loops to do. Unless you're an experienced dirt rider, the way it is with the side roads is you have to keep doubling back, seeing everything twice; & that's not great value for time.
  7. Agree Dave

    Will get the KTM soon, tried it and loved it, that bike can go anywhere

    Honestly, if it was my choice and not TAT I would have chosen Nan over MHS. Thais need to start doing a better job regarding preserving places. Not fun to feel like you are among nature and then always running into things. Riding up in CNX/MHS/Chiang Rai last winter was a nightmare with all the traffic on the road.

    Im seriously gonna talk to TAT about this

  8. Sukie
    How was the trip. Any feedback?
  9. I picked up on David's suggestions headed "Last but not least. Once they finish asphelting." Having already ridden from Samoeng to Wat Chan (via Huai Mana) - the run then on down to Pai is tremendous - I knew David was talking here of trails that were potentially exceptional. They were just that, exceptional, & more!

    Whilst awaiting Sukie's report let me just add some notes of my own from a trip undertaken after reading David's suggestions.........

    Starting from Mae Chaem I crossed the river bearing the same name then headed out to the 4065. The climb is swift & the panarama spectacular; Mae Chaem is truly beautiful from above.

    Rain threatened & before I had reached the first climb it came down in buckets. I turned into the first track fashioned to access a corn plantation & found shelter:


    When the rain cleared this was the incredible view I found before my eyes:


    This is an area farmed by the Hmong & their agricultural skills are unquestionable. They work every square inch of what they are given; they grow whatever crop the soil & terrain demand. It can & does create a wonderful tapestry of colour.

    I stopped to get my bearings at a 'snack' before the sealed section ends up towards Ban Pui. This is a shot of the backdrop to the 'snack':


    There by chance I met an Hmong fellow who'd learnt to speak English by visiting the library in Chiang Mai & speaking with tourists. I'd planned to take the route via Ban Pui, on through Khun Mae La & across to the 108; he advised me, given road conditions, to head south via Pang Hin Fon & on to Santiham & thence to either Mae
    La Noi via the 1266 or Kong Loi via the 1270.

    The ride across to Santiham was one of exceptional beauty. A few shots follow (but do little justice to what one sees):


    From Santiham I'd planned to head to Mae La Noi but the rain came tumbling down. I scrambled to the local shop & given the downpour shouted all those present a beer in waiting for the skies to clear. This wonderful character joined in the shout:


    Those present were strongly of the opinion that my return home should be via Kong Loi & I took there advise finding a recently sealed gentle ride down past the local barber:


    Overall the route was quite manageable. Being not sealed ensures a level of tranquility, of authenticity. It is an area of great beauty well worth visiting before it is asphelted & before the area becomes the next Pai as it surely will given the beauty of the surrounds. I'll definitely be back to ride those other trails suggested by David.

    Highly recommended!

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