New GT-Rider will be in N. Thai Soon!

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  1. New GT-Rider will be in N. Thai Soon!
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    I'm in BKK and heading North along the Burmese border and looking to arrive in Chaing Mai in a week and a half (my plans are very fluid at moment...) I will rent an enduro and set out for the hills.

    I'm looking for other bikers to hook up with to make sure someones there to laugh when I eat it and share a few beers and a bit of English (broken English is no problem)

    I have some Moto Touring expierience (Italy incl Rome at Rush hour) and can provide a good reference as well as good trouble.

    Chok dii (Cheers)

    Jason Ball
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Re: New GT-Rider will be in N. Thai Soon!
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    Hi Jason
    I will be in Chaing Mai around the beginning of Jan. if you are still around. I did the M.H.S loop last year, and hope I can find another route near as good. An exciting ride followed by a cold beer and maybe a hot woman is about what I'm looking for
  3. Re: New GT-Rider will be in N. Thai Soon!
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    Hi Dan,
    Send me an e-mail Dan when you get up here and maybe we can get together for a blast round a loop or two, I live here and am looping it every time I get an hour or so of from work. There are thousands of loops with very different road conditions - the newest of these loops/links are off road styleee.
  4. UPDATE: New GT-Rider will be in N. Thai Soon!
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    This is Jason again with a quick update... I'm in Mae Sot back from some seriously muddy trek'n in Umphang.... and heading towards Chiang Mai tomarrow. Looking forward to some real moto madness. (Not that two-up "Honda Dreaming" offroad isn't madness.....)

    Keep the rubber side down!

  5. Re: New GT-Rider will be in N. Thai Soon!
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    Hi all,
    I will be in Chiang Mai on the 3rd of January.
    I'm looking to ride some offroad stuff with other riders with high level of experiance..
  6. Re: New GT-Rider will be in N. Thai Soon!
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    looking to do some offroad bashing , Jan, starting Mae Sarieng working north, crossing into Loas early Feb. E mail me.

  7. Still Riding about Chiang Mai...
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    I thought I'd be long gone by now... but I've stayed on to work on my riding skills a bit. I think I'll be here through the 8th. Totally Love the riding here.

    Rode up to and around Pai on one of Jaguar's well maintained CB400s. Learned the importance of focusing on the path around the hazzards... Got into the gravel on one corner but managed to keep the rubber on the road. Went up to Sathingyg (sp) on the way to MHS and visited an impressive forest monestary. Made the trip from Pai back to Chiang Mai in 2 1/4 hrs... which I thought wasn't too shabby but the guy's at Jaguar thought that was "car speed" and suggested that I rent a bicycle instead of a "moto-cy"

    I've hung around Chaing Mai and did the Samong Loop twice and the Sankamphaeng loop and a quick trip up towards Chaing Rai as well as multiple runs up Doi Suthep on a 125 Sonic. My riding is getting noticably smoother and perhaps a bit faster.

    I'll be around till the 8th or so at least... still looking for a little dirt action...



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