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Sep 19, 2007
Hi all,

first of all. Great Site! To David and the rest, you guys have done a fantastic job.

I've been to thailand a couple of times, and this time i'm planning of getting a motorbike (or renting one) and riding it around thailand. My plans include the following

i) Land in MaeSod(i'm meeting some friends there. i used to build toilets for them awhile back) - buy/rent a bike there
ii) Ride up to ChiangMai and do those routes described in your website (and perhaps meet those of you who want to do that with me)
iii) Try to get to Sim Reap in Cambodia (the key word here is try. i heard the road to Sisophon is real bad)
iv) Then try even harder to get into HCMC, Vietnam, via the Phom Den(C) / Chau Doc(V) crossing.
v) finally if possible, sell the bike to a chap in HCMC, or anyone who would like to ride the bike back into Thailand.

When is this going to happen? somewhere in December. haven't really picked the dates, but i do know the winter months are the best times to visit Thailand.

Bikes i'm looking at,
possibly a 2nd hand Phantom
or a reliable 4 stroke 150cc cub.

would love to hear from you guys.



Dec 6, 2005
Probably the best resource for road conditions in Cambodia, particularly roads to Siem Reap is

you could also try the Khmer440 forum

There is a member of GT-Rider and Khmer440, LaudJohn, who does a lot of riding in CB, so might be able to help you with road conditions, they change yearly, so you will need up to date info, but you will be OK.

The road is alegedly kept in a state of disrepair due to payoffs from the Airlines to keep people flying into Siem Reap instead of on busses.