New Harley Sporsters now only 390,000, how will triumph resp

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  1. This will hurt Triumph but you can now buy a new HD Sporster 883 Low from as little as 390,000 with 2 years interest free credit on a 30% deposit ,
    Thats 160,000 baht cheaper tha cheapest Triumph Bonneville and 75,000 baht less than Kawasaki Vulcan 900 .And the HD is an import. Triumph must cut the price of the Bonny now.
    The price includes taxes ,book etc from main dealer.
    If my wife can ride one i reckon I will go for it.
  2. For an imported bike that is a very good price...having the name Harley on it isn't too bad for resale value either....where did you find this price? is there any online resource where i can look it up?

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  3. Bloody Hell Capt'n, that's the same price as in Oz!
    The Bonny and the 883 are in a similar price range here.
    And the new 1200 Sports with the cool dirt track look is around $18gA (similar to a speed triple)
    I rode a 1200 demo, a bit top heavy and agricultural, good low down torque and decent brakes and suspension (for a harley) but not in the same league as the Trumpy.
    However compared with the Bonnie, streets ahead, so as you said the 883 should sell in buckets full.
  4. Good price for a Skirtster and one can always 1200 kit it later when the power proves lacking. Remember that any HD model is just a starter pack. Even so at this price they will sell like hotcakes.

    HD is offering the Sportster big piston UD Showa front end and rear shocks as a package for +/- 3000 USD which is a great upgrade. If I did not have a UD Ceriani fork on mine I would be ordering one, however local parts prices are 2X US list so not such a great deal here in the LOS

    The Skirtster is an intro model and 15 or so years ago in both Canada and the US HD was offering full trade in value within a year on any big engine HD model.

    HD in Thailand needs to do something to attract new riders and less well heeled riders. This price is attractive by local standards and should accomplish that goal. Will kill the grey market resellers which I suspect is part of the strategy
  5. I have just been informed By HD Thailand Power Station that the HD 2010 price list i was given yesterday had a MIS PRINT the 883 is not 390,000 but 560,000 which is same price as Bonny , They are reprinting the list and i will be given correct list today.

    Bloody Thai screw up!!!!!!!!Sorry Guys .
    I will get an explanation from them for this cockup at the Burapha show .
  6. Hi there,

    I had the same feedback when i contacted Harley's 560000 thb...

    here the pricelist they sent to me

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  7. that 213% import tax sucks - biking for the rich? Thailand should learn a lesson as it is wrong as prohibition. After prohibition, tax revenue went up, not down! :evil:

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  8. The new list I obtained today is same as mbox has posted , the problem was that they had printed on with the total price shown less a credit deposit hence 390,000 .....grrrr, they were very siaNa and had been overun by people trying to order bikes at the listed price ,some angry people but most took it as a laugh was a genuine mistake ,but it does show how ludicrous triumphs distributer is being when they have the opportunity to sell the Bonny for much less.

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