New Hayabusa - only 186mph


Nov 5, 2003
Bought Hayabusa Friday; bored by Monday

Yes, all right, it can go over 300 km/h. Which I enjoyed doing -- up & down my street -- for the first hour or so. After that, well, it gets a little tedious competing with low-flying aircraft. The buzz wears off.

Plus, the neighbours' kids kept pointing & saying, 'Check out the wannabe pilot... How fuggen gay can you get?" One of them teased, "Get a real jet, mate!" which I didn't find very funny.

Then there's the fuel economy: by the time you've pulled out of the petrol station onto the road, you've already hit reserve. You've also hit a semi-trailer, and some much better rider on a Honda, a bike with custom paint job announcing "Peerless Pikey".

Anyway, sold the thing this afternoon to an L plater.

"It's a very forgiving machine," I said. "A good starter bike. If you can control this thing, you can go straight to ANY 50cc scoot. No problemo."

'So why you selling it then?" he asks.

"Just a little too...vanilla-tasting, at least for my liking. On Sunday I rode to the shops & I got there before I'd even left home; it was that fast. Where's the fun in that, huh? If you think about it, when you get where you're going before you've even gone, you've been robbed of a ride. Screw that." :take-that::lol: