new Honda DN01 , for how much in Thailand

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  1. At times I am dreaming about a new belt-less transmission bike.
    The Honda DN-01 has caught my eye.
    In Europe it sells for about 7500 Euro.

    What rough price level would you expect , legal papers?
    And how soon are new models for sale in Thailand?

    Test ride report + specs ... 01055.html
  2. Pico,
    At the Motorshow in Bangkok Honda Thailand Told Me that they have Postponed all Plans to Sell Big Bikes here for at least the next 2 Years :cry: This Said even when they do I would Bet the DN-01 will Not be amongst the Bikes they Sell? As You can see from all the Other Big Bike Dealers they all have a Limited Range of Cruisers and Sports Bikes ( apart from Kawasaki ) which they Perceive as what the Market wants :?
    Anyway the Point is if You Want a DN-01 the only way will probably be to Import it Yourself? Joe would know a lot about that or we can make a few Calls when You are out here next :idea: Nothing is Impossible if You are willing to Spend the Money in this Country :wink:

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