new Honda DN01 , for how much in Thailand

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
At the Motorshow in Bangkok Honda Thailand Told Me that they have Postponed all Plans to Sell Big Bikes here for at least the next 2 Years :cry: This Said even when they do I would Bet the DN-01 will Not be amongst the Bikes they Sell? As You can see from all the Other Big Bike Dealers they all have a Limited Range of Cruisers and Sports Bikes ( apart from Kawasaki ) which they Perceive as what the Market wants :?
Anyway the Point is if You Want a DN-01 the only way will probably be to Import it Yourself? Joe would know a lot about that or we can make a few Calls when You are out here next :idea: Nothing is Impossible if You are willing to Spend the Money in this Country :wink: