New Honda Steed.

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  1. I went to Niyom Panich in Chiang Mai the other day to take a Look at the New Honda CBR250. On the Front of the Building facing the Road there was a Big Advertising Banner for the 250. Right Beside it was another equal size Banner Advertising Honda Steed ??? They even had a Price of 159.000 Baht I think? Great Price! I couldn't get any Sense out of the One Salesman I Talked to inside and I can't Read Thai so if any of You Thai Reading and Speaking People are near the place please have a read of the Sign and ask what's the Deal? I spoke to Pikey this Morning and He Claims that Honda will Sell the Honda Steed 400cc New Next Year? If This is True and the Price is really 159.000 Baht that's Great! It will be a Hell of a Step up from the Phantom and fills the Gap up to the Kawasaki Vulcan 900! Honda must be starting to Seriously Look at the Big Bike Market here again. And Obviously have the Right Prices in mind!
  2. Hi Ian

    Good news indeed - and a bit of knockout punch to the 'used' mid-range cruiser market. I've seen +10yr old Steed's / Shadows with good Green Books being advertised for close to that price. Glad I don't own an old one, their prices will drop by a huge margin the day Honda have new ones in the showroom at 159k THB.

  3. It's not officially confirmed, is it?
    Usually there are rumors way in advance, like with the Versys.
    This comes kind of too quick to be true, especially the price.
    New 125 scooter, new CBR150, new CBR250 and now a cruiser - good that Honda is offering more models but no enduro, supermoto or even a decently outfitted standard.
    Guess sportsbikes and cruisers still sell best, Honda is playing it safe.
    I'm happy for the chopper fans and it's good to know that there's a 400cc bike on the Thai market.
  4. I saw same in same cnx shop Ian and the price was 159,000 baht but bike was secondhand with 33,xxx k's on the clock or maybe this was just a older display bike as the CBR250 is, because thats already sold and privately owned, not sure but here is hoping.

    Ken F
  5. Ken, The Steed for Sale inside was a Piece of Shit Second Hand one and was 165.000 Baht! About 100.000 Baht Overpriced!!! Guess they were trying to get rid of it before the New Ones come? Fingers Crossed!
  6. Well that's Terrible News! What a Scam, Dirty Ba****ds!!! Be had up for False advertising anywhere Else!!!

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