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  1. NEW VISA RULES CHANGES - Pattaya Immigration bureau has introduced the following rules regarding one year Visa’s and extensions of Visa’s.

    Applicants for one year retirement visas must now show and make copies of the back and front of any currently valid ATM or credit card issued in their name. The copies must be signed by the applicant. It does not matter whether the card was issued in Thailand or overseas. This is intended as a further check on an applicant's financial health.

    Applicants for extensions on short visas, for example a request for the maximum allowed 7 days on a “Visa on Arrival” or for the maximum 30 days on a “60 day Tourist Visa” issued abroad, must now show proof of their onward travel plans after the extension has expired, by having in their possession an air or electronic airline ticket, or a bus ticket with clear dates printed on it. This requirement is to assure Immigration that the visa holder does indeed plan to leave Thailand at the expiration of his extension.

    Do not do this as you will be exposed to potential NON CARDHOLDER PRESENT FRAUD they will have both sides of your credit card which gives them the security code. Also it invalidates your contract with the card issuer so u will be liable for any fraud.
  2. Well well,,im not traveling with retirement visa, but i had a look on immigration page
    and there is NOTHING ABOUT THIS, and below i copy the phone number where one can call 24/7 and check anything visa related out.

    "With c ooperation between Immigration Bureau and Government Contact Center, now you can call 1111 for immigration inquiry for 24 hours. 3 baht per call for fixed line phone."
  3. Monsterman-

    Where did you hear this or is it your own experience? Even for Thailand that (credit card) would be a ludicrous requirement. Usually an item like that would raise an uproar on the Thaivisa forum and I see nothing there at present. Fact or rumour?

    There have been reports and requirements for some time about the proof of onward transportation requirement.
  4. It is PATTAYA immigration who have sent the new requiments out to the local expat clubs and also Put the info up in the reception area of the immigration office .It may just be alocal Pattaya thing they are arseholes but it is in contravention of international banking rules and can only be a scam.
  5. monsterman

    take a picture of that and sent to me,, i'll show it to my cousin who is Immigration officer and handling visas in here,, im sure he would be surpriced of it...
  6. This last week Ive been shopping online (USA suppliers) for a GPS.
    Because I intend to pay with a Non US bank Visa card, numerous websites want copies/jpegs of both sides of my Visa card and some sort of picture ID.

    This puts a lot of trust in some dude working in a sales office.
    However, the fact that numerous US based online suppliers ask for this info does suggest the pratice is legal.

    In the case of Pattaya immigration , if its true, then at least copies of an ATM card would be harder to reuse for fraudulent activities than a credit card .
  7. Tropical

    thai is again just a 3rd party statement,, is there official Immigration letter in somewhere?
  8. Bill , They can only ask for the last 3 security numbers on the back of the card not the whole code , I asked 2 of my credit card providers that is the rule set up by VISA and Mastercard. to give the whole code is not required.

    I am going down to immigration again on Tuesday so will follow up on this whole thing.
  9. Thanks John,

    At the time of this post, there are 69 posts on this topic on Thai Visa. Thanks for the tip Monsterman, but my suggestion is that we follow this on Thai Visa and not turn this motorcycle forum into a visa forum.
  10. OK but I did not want anyone to get ripped off or defrauded by accident.

  11. You're right and you were the first to point it out. Like I said, appreciate the tip. [:)]

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