New KLR 650 (Model 2008)assamble in Thailand

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by burnjr, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Bro is this true,?i just get a message from kawasaki malaysia ,they say new kawasaki klr 650 will be assamble in thailand...Bro David did u hear any news...Cos kawasaki ERN650 is assamble in malaysia and the price is cheaper around RM28,000.00 is about Bath 280, about klr did u know the prize..for klr 650.. :arrow:
  2. I think the KLR650 has been Made in Thailand for some Time? I doubt it will be sold here though until 2 things happen :wink: :
    1, The Tax on 650cc Class Bikes is lifted which is being Done every Year Progressively at the moment. 250cc is gone already hence the Cheap Price for Kawasaki 250cc Bikes.
    2, A New Fuel Injected Model is available as Only Fuel Injected Bikes are supposed to be Sold here, Believe it or Not :?:
    When and If it does Finally Go on Sale Here it will be a Winner if the Quality and Pricing of the Bikes Already here are anything to Go By :D
  3. ian bungy ,
    already get my klr is nice and good for offroad,will ride southern laos and combodia this coming 20th DEc 08 to 4th Jan09.Any taker. :D :arrow:
  4. How much you buy bro,,, kawasaki klr 650 :D
  5. in malaysia is cost me rm39,000.00 on the road thai bath 390,000.00

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